Mortalcycle: dino-bike!

Jud Turner's new sculpture "MortalCycle," is part of a series of "delusional modes of transportation." Me, I'm a sucker for dinos, rust, Ed Roth stylings, and skeletons!

MortalCycle (Thanks, Jud!)


  1. Gotta love Jud Turner. Technique, utilization of materials, inspiration, and sense of humor all well developed.

  2. The skull doesn’t look at all archosaurian, and the shoulder and pelvic girdles – if it even has them, it’s hard to see – doesn’t look like that either. I’d like to see the back of the skull, but the sculpture doesn’t look like the skeleton of any amniote.

  3. This would be an awesome bike. I wonder if it is build-able.

    I know, it needs a seat over the spine.

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