Ministry: "(Everyday Is) Halloween"

1985: Pesco wore copious amounts of black eyeliner, Ministry's Al Jourgensen cultivated a faux English accent, and everyday was Halloween.


  1. Awww…Baby Al. Before he started denying his synthpop roots. (mopes in corner, smokes a clove, complains about parents – it IS 1985 again)

  2. I will listen to and enjoy the thrash metal version of ministry but only one kinda ministry existed when we played him during art class and lunch breaks back in high school.

    and that would be the kind of ministry that according to me and my photography teacher sung Slartibartfast during the chorus of this in honor of Hitchhikers guide to galaxy.

  3. God, I love this song. It always got me out on the dance floor. But I do love my Chris Connelly/Paul Barker era Ministry too. And I’ll take any classic Revco song any time too. Not the new Revco stuff, though (yuck). And the other side projects of ministry! They were many and some were awesome — Lard, Lead Into Gold, 1000 Homo DJs.. well, the cover of Supernaut was awesome…

    Also, I’m curious if anyone one else has read Chris Connelly’s book on his days with that crew, “Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible, and Fried: My Life as a Revolting Cock.” It’s quite enjoyable. You read it, and you wonder, how in the hell are any of these guys still alive? He’s written a novel now too (Connelly, I mean). And he is still making great music (including an album with Steve Shelly of Sonic youth, The High Confessions).

    What is Al doing now? Buck Satan and the 666 shooters, I think? Ministry is gone, I think…

    Happy Halloween all!

  4. Ah, 1985, the year I graduated high school. And people these days wonder why I consider music like Hootie & the Blowfish and all the stuff in that vein that has come out since then just _unbearably_ boring.

    And get off my lawn!

  5. This song was known among my fellow knob-twiddlers as a great potty or smoke-break song (although in the 80’s most clubs let you smoke in the booth).

    I think I have a Pavlovian effect going here because now I gotta’ go.

    1. I only spin Everyday is Halloween and Bela Lugosi’s dead at Halloween. Last night I got a beer during Everyday and hit the bathroom during Bela.

      Sisters of Mercy are better known, in these parts, as a DJs bathroom, beer or bj break tracks.

  6. Nothing gives me a better laugh than listening to any pre L.O.R.A.H. Ministry. Christ but they sucked as a synth pop band.

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