Appalling Stuffed Cat, and other Alibaba curiosities

appallingcat.png If you would like 100,000 appalling stuffed cats every month, Shanghai Tony Handicrafts can take care of that.
grotesque_bowl.jpg This modernist crockery is called "Grotesque Bowl," which is very true. inflatableweirdshape.png Inflatable weird shape. The more you think about it, the more insightful it seems. terribleproducts.png In its favor, the supplier assures timely delivery of its terrible products. fuckingalarms.png Its that fucking alarm again! A lovely present, you can send it to your loved ones in a fucking gift box. slinky.png When in the market for a kerosene heater, don't forget the critical question. Is it lavishly slinky? Also: Shame Pig, Revolting Machine, and "This shitty product."