Buzz Lightyear With a Huge Erection sippycup

While I'm guessing that there are probably ways of positioning the straw on this Buzz Lightyear sippycup such that it doesn't look like Buzz has an enormous, mutant green bendy-straw boner for your child to wrap her/his lips around, it seems inevitable that a sippycup capable of being configured this would inevitably end up so configured.

Really, Toy Designer? Really?


    1. Well, yes, it’s pretty much stated to be the case in the post itself. The point is the way that it’s designed makes it easy to turn the straw into an ersatz erection.

  1. Have a little sympathy to (cheap) product designers; as these things tend to be unavoidable phallic pareidolia.

    Design requirements:
    (a) movie character tie-in; character featured prominently on product top.
    (b) easily orally accessed straw (no choking hazard!).

    Now, go ahead, try to design it without a 14-year-old-boy’s super active sexual pattern matching finding ability finding something to giggle about.

  2. Since everyone has else has exercised restraint,
    I’ll go ahead and ask:
    Is the product named: Buzz with Woody?
    (Sorry. Someone had to.)

    1. No, but there is a “Barbie Loves Woody” doll.

      The solution is to put the straw at the top of the skull, or in the chest, or anywhere above the waist.

  3. Hmm. Buzz/Woody slashfic aside (as suggested above), this really would have been better on the Woody figure.

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