What John Pistole means when he talks about "enhanced" TSA checkpoints


10 Responses to “What John Pistole means when he talks about "enhanced" TSA checkpoints”

  1. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    WTF is going on with his hair?

  2. Jim says:

    John Pistole looks like Doug Neidermeyer

  3. Lobster says:

    So we’re willing to deal with invasive, restrictive, ridiculous security measures… as long as it’s not embarrassing?

    Come on, America. Either you’re terrified of the terrorists or you’re terrified of being seen naked. Pick one and stick with it.

  4. jediknight36 says:

    So funny, yet so true.

  5. That Evening Sun says:

    RE: Michael Chertoff’s profiteering:

    “I don’t have any details on what you are referring to.”

    I screamed “YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR” loud enough that I hope Mr. Pistole heard me wherever he is today.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Suddenly it all makes sense. We need this this as a google translation tool!

  7. catgrin says:

    The only time Pistole stops looking forward directly is at about 5:14 when he responds to the profiteering question. Mid-statement, he does this:

    “Well, clearly if there was any conflict of uh, uh interest that would need to be (looks up at ceiling while starting to say) addressed.”

    Hrmmm, I kinda wonder if Chertoff will be available to answer any questions about a conflict of interest, or anything at all?

  8. Zhiva says:

    Thin dark red letters on black background. Ow, my eyes.

    • millie fink says:

      Anderson popped a woody!

      Funny stuff, but yeah, someone needs to redo this with the same yellow letters for both. I do believe I could still, somehow, follow who’s saying what (being one of the one percent of Muricans who’s had practice watching furrin moving picture shows).

  9. ADavies says:

    Wait… There’s an “opt out day”?

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