Escaped mental patient straitjacket combat game

Mowdown is a cute little Flash game where you play an escaped mental patient in the creepy dungeon of a mental institution, and you flail the long, flapping arms of your straitjacket to sent laundry tubs careening into sadistic fetish nurses and thuggish interns.

Mowdown (via Super Punch)


  1. This is a promo minigame for Lylian, a sidescroller about a little girl trying to escape from an asylum. The website features a series of comics introducing the game’s universe.

  2. I work in a mental institution. Those I work with are human beings, lovable and respectable to varying degrees depending upon the current state of their symptoms. It is degrading to see them as the subject of a video game. I hope Boing Boing will choose to stop advertising this.

  3. Also, the game sucks. It’s a clone of the age-old bartending game I remember from the early early 80s, with nothing new except graphics. I stand disappointed.

  4. My wife has been cute on the three or four occasions when she has voluntarily checked herself into psych wards, after a few days or weeks of sleepless nights, thinking that her own thoughts are coming from someone else. On some of these occasions, she was able to change to more effective medications quickly, but their effect didn’t kick in for a few days, so the purpose of being locked in a hospital was mainly to prevent her from harming herself to stop the voices. From my understanding, most of the other patients were stuck there because of substance abuse rehab or suicide attempts. The old guy with matted hair who kept yelling and maybe swearing with his lips closed tightly, he wasn’t very cute. But my wife called it “screaming into his mouth,” and that was a cute way to put it. ;) I’ll ask if we can film her admission next time so we can share the cuteness of it.

    They should make a flash game where you lock all the knives and scissors and aspirin and medications in a toolbox before you go to work and leave her alone, because you’re debating whether you can afford to take her to the hospital and you don’t want to lose your job from too many absences. Or maybe a game where you run around trying to make appointments with the various offices where she might get admitted, one office sends you to the other, the emergency room staff ask if she can wait another two days for her regular doctor’s appointment, while she tells about how Regis Philbin is talking about her on the tv in the office waiting room. Lots of potential for cuteness.

    I’m sorry to be all politically correct. You know how some jokes, to find it funny “you had to be there”? For these ones, you had to not be there.

  5. Yeah, I get the ‘mental illness isn’t funny’ lobby (I did a job experience co-op at one of Ontario’s largest psych institutions, back in the day). But war and violence aren’t very funny, either, yet there seems to be a lot of video games exploiting that politically incorrect theme. Just sayin’ – lighten up, folks. It’s a game.

    1. @cjp – the games reflect their culture – deep down inside every American man is the desire to take a bullet – on our streets or theirs – it isn’t macho posturing it’s the fu’up mental conditioning from living in the world’s superpower. We can choose differently however, and it’s not just a “game.”Most of my mental patients have a diagnosis – a label – but their illness stems from sexual and physical abuse perpetrated by denizens of the great moral America. So long as we surround ourselves with the trappings of violence we’ll continue to commit violence. So stop playing games with the mentally ill and with combat. If you haven’t met a vet with disabling mental problems from war then you haven’t experienced the real cost of our warrior mentality.

  6. Making light of persons with chronic, persistent mental illness diagnoses is cruelty equivalent to making fun of victims of HIV/AIDS. As a person who has struggled with bipolar for my whole adult life, this type of “joshing around” serves to keep us in our “rightful place”. Labeling/stigmatizing people in any way for entertainment sucks. Mental illness hurts deeply.

  7. There’s nothing I can add that hasn’t already been stated by earlier comments. The link is bad and you should feel bad.

  8. @ anon

    I am a victim of torture in the name of psychiatry.

    As a worker in a mental institution, you are assuredly involved in torture if:

    1) your “patients” are incarcerated against their will
    2) they are medicated against their will
    3) they are electro-shocked against their will
    4) they are medicated or shocked without informed consent

    For context, let me say, I have never encountered any individual who has spent time in an mental institution, particularly against their will, that didn’t encounter abuse.

    The “institutions” for teens and children, are even worse, as they are not subject under any laws. The institutions for teens have offer an almost 100% torture rate.

    “therapy” openly, and unapologetically is comprised of ritual sexual abuse derived from Scientology,


    and imprisonment without opportunity for due process or initial due process

    If you’re interested in protecting people labeled mentally ill, why not start by policing your make believe “medical practice,” psychiatry, that does such terrible things to us.

    And when I say make believe, I mean that all the APA’s “diseases” are made up and imaginary. Psychiatric survivors got the APA to admit to that when they commenced a hunger strike, the demands of which were that the APA provide proof that any of its diseases exist. The APA folded and admitted it had no proof. So, you bastards tortured me without any proof what your tortured me in the name of freeing me from even exists.

    Considering that I was tortured by your organization, please forgive me saying, “fuck you” and your brutalizing condescension and fraud

  9. @ Don,
    some of use were tortured in “mental institutions.” some of us weren’t going to die without incarceration. some of us, because of the torture we endured at the institution, did die.

    some of us, because of the torture and violations of our civil rights permanently want to die.

    this game is cathartic for us. You have your feelings, we have ours. stop speaking on behalf of all people labeled mentally ill, we didn’t elect you.

  10. @ youre not politically correct, youre self absorbed.

    You think because your wife hasn’t been tortured at the hands of psychiatry that everyone has had the same experience and that, somehow, that means that the organization you like is above criticism.

    My experience of psychiatry was one of torture and stigma. My abusive father used psychiatry to have me kidnapped

    and tortured in an organization like those discussed here

    I wasn’t crazy going in, but I sure was after the bastards got through with me.

    Also, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the drugs you put so much faith in, have been shown to work against schizophrenics over the long term and makes psychosis worse over the long term, and that there is no evidence schizophrenia is a brain disease.

    Maybe if you weren’t so hyper defensive about psychiatry you might have been aware of that? I’m not saying that anything is absolute here, but I’m guessing your wife was not informed of any of this info, and, as such, could not give informed consent re. care.

  11. As a psychologist, I am also very disappointed in you, Cory. I’m a big fan, but this is insensitive and frankly bigoted.

  12. Out of curiosity, are my comments not going to be published? Am i too un-pc? If they don’t go up, I’d like a moderator to post an explanation as to why, so I can alter my posts to proper format.

    @ s3ad. I don’t see anything making fun of mental illness. Where is that going on?

    Oh! You mean you don’t like the idea of mental asylums ever being presented as oppressive, sadistic places–That’s all that’s going on in the video game.

    Well, you’re entitled to your feeling, but be honest about describing it. I mean, sure, “making fun of the mentally ill” sounds meaner than “presenting an asylum as an abusive place that people want to escape.” As such,sure, you’re more likely to prevent public awareness of a metaphorical representation of the very real phenomena that threatens you: people trying to escape abusive, oppressive mental institutions. But that’s hardly fair..

    Oh, here’s a drop in the bucket link representation of the endless attempts made by people to escape abusive, oppressive psychiatric prisons:

    Anyone want some education on the kidnap and torture teenager industry in the name of psychiatrizing them into instinctive obedience? Here I am, a genuine teen victim, and I’ll fill you in on the phenomena that you are so ignorant about, while being extremely offended by the suggestion its existence, and which I was completely destroyed by.

    Ask me any question, go ahead!

  13. @ someguyinatl

    as a survivor of torture by your organization, the APA, let me say, I’m very “disappointed” you think you have right to a world where organizations that imprison human beings under questionable pretenses(mental asylums) are above metaphorical representation in video games.

    Talk about an unfeeling arrogance! Or as you would call it, “narcissistic personality disorder.”

    Now, I have some questions for you that stem from my “disappointment” from having my brain and soul permanently broken in one your organization’s dungeons

    Why do you feel it’s ok to imprison human beings?

    What do you say to the people like myself, who were injured by that imprisonment?

    What do think about the fact that the people who are imprisoned are almost always impoverished and cannot afford proper representation to protect them for incarceration, and that the organizations that imprison them almost always have personal and financial connections to the organizations entrusted with protecting those individuals from “improper” incarceration and abuses?

    What do you say to the kids, like myself, who were kidnapped and imprisoned without due process or opportunity for due process by your organization?

    Here are some questions regarding the problems your organization needs to solve before you have the right to criticize a website for linking to a game that subtly represents the civil rights abuses inherent in your organization.

    Your organization tortured me to death and left my body alive. I was an innocent youth who had never hurt anyone when you murdered me.

    Think about for awhile.

  14. I’m pretty surprised by this reaction. There is a rich history of horror-related entertainment involving “bedlams” ancient and new: *One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,* *Hellraiser*, *Arkham Asylum*, and *Dracula* all spring to mind. I’m pretty sure that this work wasn’t intended to be a trenchant critique of the mental health professions, nor a minimization of the tragedy of mental illness; rather, as a horror game, it was part of that tradition of horror literature and film.

    It was no more a commentary on contemporary mental health issues than a zombie game like Left For Dead is meant to be a dismissal of Haitian vodun sacred traditions; than Frankenstein is a call-to-arms to destroy arrogant, god-playing scientists, or than The Mummy is a vindication of colonial grave-robbing in Africa.

  15. Eek. I’m the anon who posted about civil rights abuses in the (destroyed my) “mental health” industry, and the lack of scientific validity underpinning psychiatry.

    Let me apologize for my messages. They came off a little more..uh..rant-y than I wanted. Obviously, I do not hold the psychologist posting personally responsible for my abuse, just the organization he belongs to which I did not make clear.
    So, anyway, I get too little sleep and the horror burbles up inarticulately. Like so.

    But, really, youth are, in fact, kidnapped, held prisoner and tortured–that’s the truth.

    Follow the links if my emotionalism makes that too hard to believe.

    Some about the Elan School:!/group.php?gid=2234330403&v=wall

    Mount Bachelor academy (owned by mitt Romeny’s Bain capital)

    family foundation school:

    Westridge boys academy

    All these places are interchangeable because they are all incarnations of the Synanon cult.
    So, yeah, not a fan of the MHI.

    Also, though, one flew over the coockoos nest, the book, was actually intended to be a trenchant critique of the mental health professions, as far as I know

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