Disneyland Paris under ice

This frozen view of Disneyland Paris's Phantom Manor shows you what Disney had in mind with their old "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" album!



  1. I’ve gone to Disneyland Paris in early January… Perfect time. No-one around, take as many goes on the rides as you like, no queues… ah bliss.

    1. Actually, the Phantom Manor has a Mansard roof, common in Second Empire style architecture, but the Prince House (based on photos elsewhere) is more a Queen Anne style house with gabled (but not mansard) roofline, with the exception of the tower. Architecturally speaking, while they may be of an overlapping style time periods (Victorian era, specifically), they would be classed in different categories, and certainly not described as looking “exactly like” each other.

      1. Nice research Anon. (Though I do feel a bit like I just got served. But given I mis-spelled ‘research’ and was only saved by spell check I guess I can’t get too self-righteous!)

  2. “High on a hill outside your home, there stands a dilapidated old house. Some folks say that it’s haunted, but you are not afraid!”

    1. That’s a film I would like to see: in a high-pitched voice “Here’s Miiiiickeeeeey!” and axe through the door.

  3. Bro, outstanding reference to something I had totally forgotten about. I love it when a forgotten memory reappears.

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