HOWTO tronify your outfit

Limor "Lady Ada" Fried and Becky "Lady Becky" Stern show you how to solder and sew electroluminescent wire borders to your favorite fabric accouterments and create exciting, tronesque glows: "Tote your Thinkpad and port your Apple in style with our custom TRON-inspired laptop bag tutorial. With a little soldering and sewing skills you can have your own light up satchel, sure to impress geeky friends. So grab your sewing needle and soldering iron and follow along."

Make A TRON Bag - How to use EL (Electro Luminescent) Wire (via Neatorama)


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  1. Actually, the Tron connection is the only thing preventing me from doing this, my sister having shown me electroluminescent wire a few years ago. I don’t really care about Tron, I just think this looks cool and futuristic, but it inextricably carries the Tron connotation, especially with the sequel having just come out.

  2. Lady Ada and Becky Stern look nothing alike, but I still managed to get them mixed up once. Now I’m too embarrassed to admit it to either of them.

    Hanglyman, you know Daft Punk and Blue Man group(s?) did EL wire costumes years ago.

  3. Wow, I would so love to do this, but working with the EL wire sounds beyond me. Curse you, Mom, for not teaching me soldering along with all that sewing. Home ec would have been so much more fun if they’d included an electrical shop unit.

    1. Hey Chris, soldering is actually not that hard. In fact if you have the patience to sew you should have a very easy time learning how to do simple soldering like that required for this prjoject. I encourage you to give it a try! Youtube has some good instruction videos but you probably also know someone who can give you a quick lesson. :)

      1. or maybe not judging by the timestamps. I swear your comment wasn’t there a second ago though. Odd…

        1. If I understand correctly, anonymous comments have to be approved by a moderator, so they don’t appear on the page immediately. But when they’re approved they have the timestamp and position in the comment thread of when the comment was made, as opposed to when it was approved.

          My take on the EL wire is it indeed looks very Tron-y, but to anyone who’s been to Burning Man it’s going to be hard to get over its Burning Man-ness, especially Burning Man circa 2003 or so.

  4. My son wanted to be old-school tron for Halloween. I considered EL wire but ended up going with reflective tape instead. He wore it for Halloween and to the new movie over the weekend:

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