Elie Wiesel is a winner for shoah!

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Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel was a guest on Fox & Friends last week. Ooops! However, I guess you could say that having survived the death camps, he "won" in some sense. Mediaite has the video. (via @dailygrail, thanks Rob B for the headline)


  1. As accidental as the “D” Fox regularly puts after the names of Republicans who have been convicted of a crime or voted against partly lines.

    Puerile nonsense.

  2. Adamsank is clearly correct. The part of the tape I thought was more interesting was warrior-on-Christmas Gretchen Carlson being forced to admit that there are holidays other than Christmas this time of year.

  3. Maybe they meant “whiner”; I could totally see the goons at Fox saying “are you going on and on about the so-called Holocaust again? Give me a break!”

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