Bone Dry Red Cabernet wine label

Bonereddd We had a bottle of this Bone Dry Red Cabernet at my in-laws' home in Kentucky. It's from Elk Creek Vineyards in Owenton, Kentucky. I don't really drink wine, so I can't comment on its quality. But I think the label is just fantastic.


  1. I know next to nothing about wine so when I’m asked to pick up some wine for whatever reason, I almost always buy the type of wine requested with the coolest looking label. So this would definitely be one I’d pick up!

  2. Didn’t moonshine and bathtub spirits always have the skull and crossbones on the label? That would seem apropos for wine made in Kentucky, no? Maybe not, I think my recall and source of reference may be from old cartoons.

    1. Hopefully only the premier cru moonshine would be allowed to have the trademark – it wouldn’t do to have any old rubbish being passed off as genuine.

      “Ghostly White” cardonnay, from the same vineyard, looks irresistible too. Except that the hands on the label remind me of the dvd cover of The Human Centipede. Hopefully not a reflection of their production methods.

  3. Always choose the wine with the ugliest or boring label, my experience is that it’s a much better choice most of the time.
    Never choose a wine with an animal on the label.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics of Chile’s ‘Casillero del Diablo’ (can be literally translated as ‘Pigeonhole of the Devil’)

    When the logo of your company is the face of Satan… you’re definitely into something.

    Interestingly, Manchester United (‘The Red Devils’) and Casillero del Diablo are now associated. If you follow the ManU’s home games, you can see Casillero’s ads in the sidelines.

    1. Wouldn’t ‘Casillero del Diablo’ be better translated as ‘the devil’s wine rack’?

      /When you know nothing about wine and are asked to bring some, ask the clerks in the store. They’re supposed to know what they’re selling.

      //At least the clerks in the SAQs do. My goodness, they’re good at what they do!

      ///Do I have to read the ‘comment policy’ every time I post, or just the first time?

      1. Yes, “The Devil’s Wine Rack” would be the best translation, since it’s wine-related; however, “casillero” holds some other tones in Spanish that are not fully translatable. “Casillero” is quite an old-fashioned word, giving a mild reference to dark places.

  5. Glad to see the hillbilly/backwoods innuendo and slurs are alive and well. We citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky rely on the ingrained perceptions along the lines of The Beverly Hillbillies and The Dukes of Hazard to keep our state free from the ignorant and abusive. As Mr. Pescovitz is likely aware, we have the most beautiful yet unspoiled region in the heartland, and we like to keep it that way. Feel free to stay put and drink the wine, though. We’ll ship it right to your door.

    1. No one is going to believe you. I was borderline ashamed to move to KY. Even living 20 miles away in OH, I believed all the stories.

      Now I live in the middle of a small town, on a friendly street with lots of kids, a creek and woods, lots of fresh local produce, a couple of wineries, 20 minutes from a major airport and large city, all for about half the price of the other side of the river.

      But nobody believes me. It’s awesome!

    2. Chill, Winston!

      I don’t see any slurs above to get upset about. Well, not until you brought up tv hillfolk – neither the Dukes, nor the Clampetts, had anything at all to do with Kentucky.

      From my memory of cartoons, moonshine was three x’s – clay jug with “xxx”. Poison was skull and crossbones.

      /also a citizen of the commonwealth

      //having been to a lot of coal mining communities in eastern KY, not entirely clear on the meaning of unspoiled, but we do also have very beautiful areas, from the horse park to Mammoth, to the Gorge, to the mountains

      ///more concerned about the ignorant messages being sent by our politicians giving $40 million in tax incentives to the Noah’s Ark Theme Park, when our schools are some of the worst in the country

        1. The x’d eyes sounds familiar, but I’m not sure. I do recall a lot of hiccups, and great gangly staggering. And now I want to find some good washboard and bowed-saw percussion to go with the jug band music playing in my head.

          Oh wait, that’s not in my head. It’s them Hatfields o’yonder in the next holler.

  6. Ugh, Fat Bastard is a terrible wine.

    There’s a fine line between finding a nice wine with a fun label and buying crap based on what it’s been named.

  7. The OZ Winery in Wamego, Kansas has some cute wine names. The town has a Wizard of Oz Museum and runs with the Oz theme. Unfortunately, you can’t see the labels close up, but they list “Squashed Witch”, “I’m Melting Merlot”, and “Drunken Munchkin”, among others.
    (h/t) Twelve Mile Circle

  8. I always understood the ‘x’ mark to mean one distillation, so xxx was distilled three times.

    Knowing nothing about distilling nor moonshine nor Kentucky nor hillbillies nor cartoons nor folk legends, I have no idea as to whether it’s true or not.

    1. I always understood the ‘x’ mark to mean one distillation, so xxx was distilled three times.


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