HOWTO make monster snowshoes for your kids

Kim from SloMoMama found a recipe for DIY kids' snow-shoes in a copy of Snow Play and implemented it for her own spawn with marvelous results: "we were inspired to make our own tracks yesterday by creating snow shoes out of some left over cardboard from our moving boxes (and, nope, we're not done unpacking yet). There are all sorts of creatures among us!"

creatures among us (via Craft)


  1. When I was about ten and we got a good dump of snow (not common where I live) my Dad got up early one morning and made yeti tracks across our driveway.

    Or maybe it really was a yeti. There were no tracks leading back to the house, after all… (except for the fact that the patio door off his bedroom let straight out into the woods, but hey, Magic of Childhood(tm) and such.)

    This is a longwinded way of saying I approve of monster footprints in snow.

  2. Cardboard is rather slick on snow, at least until it gets soggy. These might make better skis than snowshoes!

  3. I spent many a happy hour tracking the yeti that wandered around my local boyscout camp (Silver Trails). Until I tracked him to the set of carefully carved bass relief wooden planks my scoutmaster was wearing on his boots. Of course this was NEVER revieled to my fellow scouts! Sorry troop 169!

  4. I don’t think i need to see the “recipe” to figure out how these are made. Finally, a HOWTO i can handle.

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