Old pornographic science fiction novel covers

Efanzines has a small gallery of scans of Greenleaf's notorious pornographic science fiction novels -- books with titles like "The Sexy Saucer People," "Nude in Orbit," and "Starship Intercourse," with covers to match.

Greenleaf sleaze paperbacks (via JWZ)


    1. Stay in shape, maybe Virgin Galactic will rise to the challenge while you’re still young enough to take advantage of the opportunity. Though I suppose the company might have to change its name if they start selling memberships to the 100-mile-high club.

    2. “Still, sex in zero gravity is one thing I really wish I could experience at least once in my life.”

      No, you don’t. Sex in zero gravity is extremely tiresome. You get no help from gravity. You need all you energy to fight inertia in both directions. Up and down (oh, that’s right, there’s no up and down).

  1. “The astronauts shared beaver-pie in the sky!” That made my day. Also, what exactly is Sub-Mariner staring so intently at in that beaker? Do I really want to know the answer?

  2. After checkin’ out the booty on Zero Gravity Swap‘s cover, I’m wondering if “Cal I. Pygaster” is some sort of pseudonymic stand-in for “callipygous”….

    1. S2: I think the “-aster” component must be pointing toward the Greek suffix “-astes” = “one who specializes in.” Thus “Cal I. Pygaster” might mean “One who specializes in beautiful buttocks.”

    1. You beat me to it.

      And Phillip Jose Farmer’s Kilgore Trout novel “Venus on the Halfshell” had a starburst call out on the cover that said “Now! First time published without Lurid Cover!”

  3. Zero Gravity Swap: “The astronauts shared beaver-pie in the sky!” But why doesn’t Those Sexy Saucer People have a log line? I need to know what a book is about.

  4. Stranger in a Strange Lady
    Do Androidesses Dream of Electric Devices? (Blond Rimmer)
    2001: An Ass Odyssey


  5. I knew a guy who wrote this stuff under various pen names. I don’t remember if it was this publisher, if not it was similar. He wrote Western themes, outer space themes, military, etc. etc. He called them “fuck books”. “I gotta’ write a fuck book this weekend”. Straight, gay, whatever. They paid the rent. He was a booze head who fancied himself an author, said he was just writing this stuff until he completed the great American novel. He died without finishing it.

  6. Never judge a book by it’s cover. So I feel that it’s only fair that we should be able to read some of their content, as I suspect it’ll be as good as the covers… :-P

  7. “Beaver Pie in the Sky” is now my new favorite exclamation. As in “Beaver Pie In the Sky it’s cold out today!”

    And I think the sexy saucer man is Sub-Mariner’s snooty British cousin, Imperius Rex. He appeared in Strange Tales a few times but had a crush on Reed instead of Sue. He is disappointed in the girl on the cover because she has failed her urine test. “Beaver Pie in the Sky I expected better of you, surface wench!”

  8. speaking of Greenleaf novels, there is a whole archive of over a thousand of them and other erotic novels of the same era- with covers at

    with titles like “The Five Faces Of Masochism” its a treasure mine.

    for strictly academic interests, of course.

    y’kow, learning about the dominant psycho-sexual practices and beliefs of the times.

  9. I can’t decide if calling these images pornographic is giving them too much credit or just an insult to REAL pornography. They’re not erotic either. Lurid pretty much nails it.

    1. “I can’t decide if calling these images pornographic is giving them too much credit or just an insult to REAL pornography.”

      The images aren’t being called pornographic; the novels (that the images are on the covers of) are the pornography in question.

  10. What I like about the cover of “Starship Intercourse” (q.v.) is the attention to scientific detail. Notice the seemingly incongruous extravehicular copulation, wearing only the helmet of a space suit. But consider what the vacuum of space would do (and clearly IS doing) for erectile tissue!

  11. *UNNFFFHH* I LOVE old porn. Or what passed for porn back then. And astrotastic futuristic sci-fi. I will just be checking Amazon for old copies of these. Thanks.

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