The classroom blog: This is how you do it, science style!


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  1. yamaplos says:

    For the last few years I have been writing, lecturing and doing whatever I can to push forward better use of technology in education, especially Science. Since Uruguay has given a laptop to every single elementary student, and now is stating to work with middle school, I had great hopes that would produce a major jump in all good things about learning and school.

    over two years later, it has not happened.

    As I mused on that, I realized it had a lot to do with the fact that they are not actually *using* the things to learn – computers, enormous investments in connectivity, etc, are dead in the fact there is extremely little give-and-take, too much of the later, little or none of the former.
    Blogging could make a huge, humongous difference at least to get started, and thus the handful of teachers in Uruguay who have adopted this medium are actually among the very few whose practices have something to do with this being 2011 and not somewhere a generation back.

    BTW, I have only one criticism on Ms. Baker’s class stuff. Even though it is obvious that Stacy is generous (see her Prezi stuff if you want proof), she has committed that very common sin of those who should know better: Her blogs are marked as “copyright”, not under some sharing license – even though they use WordPress, which “is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers”. Next time I visit I’d be happy to see that beside biology and blogging she also has got this right about collaboration and good community practices…

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