Princess Leia demo with Kinect and holographic projector


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  1. codesuidae says:

    The data capture is interesting, but I’m more interested in this holographic projector. What sort of holographic projector are we talking about here?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s the same thing when I look at an ultrasound… blobs and smudges.

  3. andythebrit says:

    Oliver Kreylos at UC Davis has also been using the Kinect to capture extraordinary 3D video:
    For both virtual telepresence and putting real people into artificial scenes. We don’t have a holographic projector but he is using the cave and 3d TV. Yes, there is a light saber duel.

  4. 3d bomb says:

    I’m a complete nerd for this stuff. Just the idea of the post got me excited. How is it then that I left disapointed? Clearly something wrong with me today.

    I still love the idea.

  5. petsounds says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see the “wow” moment here? I just see some Russian lady with some motor tics in a cheap Leia outfit being filmed on a Kinect. Where’s the hologram part?

    • SamSam says:

      It’s supposed to be that red blob. I guess it doesn’t come out well in a video, as it doesn’t look like anything from here.

  6. barabas says:

    Yes, our holograms are a bit hard to photograph. Here are some other samples that may give a better sense of what the display can do.

  7. mn_camera says:

    Now they need to get transmission and perspective-and-placement-accurate projection of true color imagery sorted.

    Then I’ll believe it’s 3-D. The movie madness is over 2-D stereoscopic imagery, not “3-D” at all in any meaningful sense of the term.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve never heard anyone complain about the old red-blue photographs or magic-eye posters being called 3-D, but man, they sure put up a fuss for movies.

  8. EH says:

    It’s like only 5 frames/sec, but I do like Leia with a russian accent!

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