Valentine's Day cards + science = awesome


Although they lack the often-creepy Dadaism of 1980s Super Friends valentines, these science-themed Valentine's Day cards—made by stephoodle on Etsy—are utterly charming. My only complaint: I wish there were more female scientists in the mix. (Insert your own Jane Goodall Valentine's Day card joke here.)

Submitterated by Scixual


  1. What, no Darwin declaring his beloved is fit to survive and propagate the species? Bill Nye has failed.

  2. Jane Goodall jokes ahoy!

    -I want to observe you for decades.
    -I am surprised by the complexity of your social life.
    -You stick grass in the termite hole of my heart.

    No, I can’t do any better.

    1. @Prufrock451.

      Your versions are great:)

      Would you please create an “E. O. Wilson” Valentine card?


  3. Ahem…

    Goodall: You make me go apeshit!

    Huygens: Let’s make waves

    Edison: You light up my life

    Chomsky: (NP) I (VP) love you

    Descartes: You smile, therefore I am

    Ironic Sans covered Darwin pretty well. As for E.O Wilson I got nothin’… maybe something with consilience…

  4. E O Wilson:

    “Science and religion should be partners, and so should we.”
    “You can use sociobiology to explain away anything – except why you shouldn’t be my Valentine.”

  5. Goodall: “Let’s monkey around!”

    Tesla: “You alternate my current!” or “Let’s make sparks!”

    Grace Hopper: “You debug my heart!”

    (Yeah, I know Goodall studies apes. But the play on words is hard to resist.)

  6. A few more gals:

    Emilie du Châtelet: “You have my undivided attention!”

    Alice Hamilton: “You are intoxicating!”

    Maria Mitchell: “My star shines only for you!”

    Lise Meitner: “I shall single-handedly win your heart!”

    Sofia Kovalevskaya: “Let’s add you and me together!”

    Chien Shiung Wu: “We are bound by strong nuclear force!”

    Emmy Noether: “We make beautiful symmetry!”

  7. Bad science valentines:

    Stahl: You ignite my phlogiston.

    Lamarck: My heart has adapted through your influence upon it.

    Brahe: You are the planet around which my love revolves in an epicyclical fashion.

  8. My first accepted submission!

    It’s going well this year, I hope she’ll expand the line before next year.

    I wonder if we can badger her into birthday cards…

  9. Yes, there ARE greeting cards in the works with the current designs. There will be another series next year, with more female scientists (the reason I didn’t have more this time is that I was crunched for time and this batch had the best cheesy lines). I’ll definitely be producing more science-y needy stuff in the near future, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop if you’re interested.

    Stephoodle :)

  10. Wow, the one for Turing is astonishingly tame. After seeing Curie, I was expecting something like “I’d share my Apple with you.”

  11. @Chentzilla, Capissen and peterbruells: You choose the view that the artist was making a pun about Marie Curie’s death. But radioactivity was Marie Curie’s principal field of research and ‘Radium’ is the name she coined for one of the elements she discovered.

    I think it is safe to think that the terms the artist chose was in celebration of Curie’s LIFE achievements and discoveries. Yes, radiation ultimately caused her death, but it also got her two Nobel prizes and a choice place in history.

  12. David Bohm: “I’d like to discover YOUR hidden variables.”
    Ok ok. Way too creepy.
    David Bohm: “Baby, let’s interact as a whole.” “You’re my only relatively-stable abstraction.”
    OK I am not good at this.

    But there’s something wonderfully romantic about the Heisenberg one. Certainty is perhaps THE most difficult aspect of a relationship, at least in my opinion…

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