Visit to Friends of Amateur Rocketry, in Mojave desert


4 Responses to “Visit to Friends of Amateur Rocketry, in Mojave desert”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hogan: That means a lot to me (Clive)

    I have been thinking of making a docu called Beyond about all the folks I have been hanging with in the NewSpace movement. Maybe I should.

    Anyone want to buy me a rig that can edit 1080p without hiccups? :D

  2. egoVirus says:

    Great little doco. Inspiring to see people doing science for fun.

  3. stygianguest says:

    Superb. This must be what makes America great. Seriously. Fuck. I envy you. Great docu.

  4. hogan44 says:

    better than most anything on tv these days.

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