Work in progress: Pig Lady drawing


Tara Helfer, a friend of mine from a comic book drawing class I took about a year ago, is in the process of inking and coloring a really cool illustration of a pig-lady-thing holding a rooster. I really enjoy her totally weird mutated creations, and her process documentation shows some insight into how much time she spends making them just right.

Pig Lady work in progress - Thanks Tara!


  1. I’ve tried drawing an eagle once. I couldn’t google any decent pictures, so I had to teach myself bird anatomy to get the wings and feather layout somewhat correct. I even attempted to track down feet anatomy, which was pointless for how small the feet were drawn. Library research was not on my mind when I said, “sure I can draw you a tattoo,” but I welcomed the challenge.
    Tara’s rooster looks amazing. She must have a lot of patience to outline so many feathers as she did, and a lot of guts. I wonder if she gets aggravated scratching out so many lines, or if she finds it cathartic. Maybe both?

    1. It’s a meditative thing. What a reward it was though, completing the wings. Finding the appropriate anatomical references was a challenge…went through many many archive images of fried chicken.

  2. Made me think of the Karl Pilkington anecdote about the Pig-Lady Manchester Square. Then I got hungry for a fucking orange for some reason.

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