Anniversary of OK


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  1. jowlsey says:

    I’d like to know who thought expanding ‘OK’ into ‘Okay’ was a good idea.

  2. karl_jones says:

    “… the word “okay” comes from the Wolof wawkay meaning “by all means” or “certainly” . . .”

    The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner

  3. Anonymous says:

    > a fad in the 1830s, for comical misspellings and initialisms.

    The fad iz back lol

  4. Jeff says:

    “Oll Korrect”. Sownds liek LOLspeek iz oldr then ai thawt.

  5. Ipo says:

    International OKs

    * Native American Choctaw: Okeh – it is so
    * Scottish: Och aye – oh yes
    * Greek: Ola kala – all is right
    * German: ohne Korrektur – without [need for] correction
    * Finnish: Oikea – correct
    * Mandinka: O ke – that’s it

    Here’s the full story:

  6. jphilby says:

    (Dave:)Alright you Chipmunks, Ready to sing your song?
    (Alvin:)I’d say we are
    (Theodore:)Yeah, Lets sing it now!
    (Dave:)Okay, Simon?
    (Dave:)Okay, Theodore?
    (Dave:)Okay Alvin?…Alvin?…ALVIN!!!

  7. Phikus says:

    Some people say its alright, but I think its just so so. Go ask an Oklahoman.

  8. george57l says:

    Please, no. Not another “etymology of OK” thread. OK?

  9. Anonymous says:

    This does nothing at all, however, to explain “okey dokey”.

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