Everyday Carry triggers youthful action film fantasies

We've linked many times to the Everyday Carry (EDC) blog, essentially an annotated photogallery of the gadgetry that folks carry with them. Every day. I do enjoy the site but some of the images remind me of when I was 12 and would neatly lay out my shuriken, balisong, Maglite, carabiner, sunglasses, Swiss Army knife, and other "weapons" to act out my own 1980s action film "gear up" scene. In fact, as our Rob points out, the audio in this clip should be the official soundtrack for the EDC blog. From EDC's mission statement:
Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.


  1. Yeah, there is a bit of “how many knives do you need, sir?” to be asked of the folks on there.

    I mean, my dad was a building super and a house-painted. He owned one, damn sturdy, leatherman, and was able to carry out his work day in and day out. My cousin, who served in Iraq and works for private security in Afghanistan, carries one big, scary, knife for everything from protection to cooking.

    The mall ninja always seems to have an array of cutting implements. All in surprisingly pristine condition too.

  2. I usually carry a pocket knife/tool and a flashlight with me or at least try to have one pair near my (bag, car, desk at work). Damn useful, at least as much as my mobile. Don’t know if it makes me a mall ninja. They at least don’t look pristine or cost more than some smartphones.

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand how a modern human in a western country needs anything beyond keys, a phone, and id/methods of payment. The rest of it is clutter.

    Well, I suppose sunglasses are nice. But three knives and some huge chain, ugh, I hate having more than I *need* in my pockets.

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand how a modern human in a western country needs anything beyond keys, a phone, and id/methods of payment. The rest of it is clutter.

      Some of us actually run into situations where we need to cut things, or open things and we don’t have a toolbox handy, or sometimes get caught in the dark and would like to see. Or sometimes we’d just like to be ready if we do. Just like no modern human in a western country should need a car with more than a couple seats and a minimal engine, or a meal of more than some soybean paste and pure water, or clothing that’s more than a burlap sack to protect you from the elements. People like different things, and some people like really funky things. Some people juggle geese, and I’m OK with that.

    2. I don’t understand how a modern human in a western country needs anything beyond keys, a phone, and id/methods of payment.

      I don’t understand why you need a phone! If I had a phone, people would call me, which would waste my time and could prevent me from performing useful and socially responsible acts. (Some of which I perform using a knife, incidentally.)

      Hmmm, we should probably both google “egocentrism”.

      1. I don’t own a cell phone, but I wouldn’t go out without a pocket handkerchief.

          1. White. When you’re a chronic nosebleeder, you mostly own things that are black or bleachable.

          2. Having a couple of kids, I’ve seen the utility of a spit cloth. Looking to EDC a handkerchief, but a terry spit cloth seems more useful. But maybe that’s the parent in me.

        1. As A-Rab said to Baby John, “What’s wrong wit’ your sleeve?”

          I don’t like overloaded pockets. I carry cash (if any) in the left front, car keys and work keys (separate keychains, ’cause I have a few cars) in the right front, and wallet in the right rear. Keychain with work/house keys has an AC/DC bottle-opener on it, never used. Android usually rides in left rear. The flashlight app has been most useful.

          My computer bag always has a few useful odds and ends: mini screwdriver set, an old package of Dramamine for occasional airline flights, pens and moleskine, earbuds, iPod and a few various charging cords.

          The cars are a different story. If I’m driving our RAV4, I don’t bother with much extra stuff, but if I’m driving one of my older cars, I won’t travel beyond the 7-Eleven without a well-stocked toolbox, a sizable Maglight, rags and spare fluids, jumper cables, and even a selection of spare parts.

          Until fairly recently, I’d have occasion to use all three of my free tows from AAA, every year. Now my cars aren’t so rickety.

    3. Yeah, I don’t understand how a modern human in a western country needs anything beyond keys, a phone, and id/methods of payment. The rest of it is clutter.

      I carry a small french pocket knife for daily emergencies – like cutting salami and opening bottles of wine.

    4. A good, basic leatherman is a godsend for about 90% of daily life’s little tool-necessitating moments. Everything from opening packages to having a screwdriver (philips and flathead) around to popping the occasional top, you’re covered. They run in the $50 buck range for a decent one (I cotton to the Leatherman Skeletool ) or cheaper for a knock-off that’s a bit less shiny and well-designed.

      Mind you, the sad state of safety-culture will earn you many an askance look from people who thinking having a multi-tool is akin to strapping on a flak jacket or something.

  4. here is the real way these items will be used in an emergency situation:
    1. Carrier will trade the fancy submariner watch for a bottle of water
    2. Lose the keys when you see the car and house are swallowed up by (earthquake, tsunami, tornado, fire, mudslide)
    3. hold the flashlight in mouth to illuminate arms while slicing veins open with that Victorinox Swiss Army knife

  5. “I don’t think this is the right site if you’re looking for personality and character”

  6. wake up in the morning and ask yourself: what can I do with my knife that I can also do with a pair of nail clippers?

  7. What surprises me, and makes me think “mall ninja”, is the prevalence of flashlights but NOT headlamps. You can get an LED headlamp these days that’s smaller than a cell phone (and that includes headstrap) with 40-60hours of battery life.

    I can think of very few situations where given the choice between a headlamp or a flashlight I would choose a flashlight (especially as you can always just hold the headlamp in your hand if that method is superior for some reason).

    For example:



    1. “I can think of very few situations where given the choice between a headlamp or a flashlight I would choose a flashlight …”

      The point of carrying a flashlight, rather than a headlamp, is that when you use the flashlight as a Yawara/Kubotan/club to block and strike pressure points, it works — as opposed to using the headlamp to do so, which gets your head face down in an off-balance stance. Many jurisdictions do not consider it a weapon until and unless it is used as one.

      Those long, black, tubular aluminum flashlights that take D-cells and whose bulbs are notoriously fragile / burn out quickly? Yyyyeeeah. Rentacops, cops, truckers, bikers, and other Good Ol’ Country Boys don’t buy those for the ability to be able to throw light on a situation in a pinch. Those D-cells can be expensive, too, so a lot of those folks only keep one D-cell in their 3 or 4 cell flashlights (and sometimes the D-cells are actually bolts with a lot of washers on them) – battery near hand at start of swing, battery travel outwards during swing, energy needed to stop flashlight increases, a pop of the wrist at the end of the swing (made almost automatic by the weight reaching the end of the tube) and the butt end of the flashlight is snapped into the target as the weight reaches the end, concentrating the kinetic force into a small area …

      My EDC: Inova X1, Inova X2 lashed to a carabiner (yes, two flashlights, my wife can’t see in bright light so I often have to move through dark rooms), keys and two rap rings on a Petzl William, med tube, phone pouch which doubles as a wallet (I only carry ID and a bank card and a small amount of cash) and a flat cheap razorblade boxcutter and a CRKT safety-tip bear claw (yes, two knives – one gets used regularly and the other is for emergency preparedness). I’m also making yet another slatts belt which will be EDC as well.

  8. Well, as someone who doesn’t NEED to carry a knife, or a screwdriver, or a phone or…

    All I really NEED to perform my work is my work ID pass to get me to and into the building and my pager, because that is mandated.

    I also carry some keys (car and house) a wallet (ID and some cards) a handkerchief (in case I need to blow my nose) a phone, a pen (in case I ever need to write anything), a flashlight (handy for finding stuff in the dark, like under the machine room floor), two small multitools (on my key ring, screwdrivers come in useful) and two small knives.

    I don’t NEED the knives, but they come in handy for opening packaging, cutting things, a myriad of day to day tasks… Why two? Because they have different sizes, shapes and uses. I could stop carrying one but why should I have to.

    I don’t carry a gun, I usually have a first aid kit within easy reach, and sometimes I also have a survival kit (depending on my plans for the day, I should probably carry this more though)… I don’t need any of these things but first aid supplies come in handy surprisingly often and I’ve used line from the survival kit more than once in urban settings.

    It’s more to do with carrying useful stuff that I USE than carrying fancy gadgets because I can. You don’t need or use them then fine. Don’t carry them.

    As for me… I don’t usually wear a watch (not even a fancy submariner one)… When I do carry a watch it’s an Elgin pocketwatch. So I’m not trading that for a bottle of water. I don’t carry a swiss army knife so I wouldn’t be using that to slash my wrists, nor would I be slashing my wrists anyway. And the keys are there because I need them. When I no longer need them I will get rid of them. But I’ll keep the keychain tools while I find them useful.

    Sure I could carry a big toolbox with me instead, but that would be a lot less convenient.


  9. Ah, yellow-tinted sun glasses, a stable for weapon geeks, from Mike Watt to Walter Sobchak.

  10. I’ll give them credit for showcasing a lot of nylon and canvas strap watches, but that’s about it.

    Most everything else (multiple knives? firearms? flashlights?) screams douche bag in the worst way possible.

    Its not surprising that most people displaying handguns also prominently display the brand of car they drive as well. Megalomania at its finest.

    1. Dude drives a Ferrari. I don’t think he cares we’re making fun of him.

      That’s actually the Porsche logo on the key fob. And frankly, from this display, I think he cares very acutely what we think of him.

  11. I carry a multitool, an iPhone, a flash drive, a ballpoint pen, a lighter, a tiny flashlight, a chapstick, my keys, and my wallet. I don’t see the use of a watch, since I have a phone, or multiple knives.

  12. Cell phone (Palm OS, none of this fancy iPhone/Android stuff), pen, USB drive, and wallet. These are the only things I use everyday, though the USB drive is just for listening to music at work.

    I do drive most places and have flashlights and a knock-off multi-tool stashed in there for emergencies.

  13. My own favorite thing to have on hand is a bottle opener. I got this sweet little Ultrafire bottle opener + screwdriver + wrench type thing. It’s small enough to fit comfortably on my keychain, and I never have to stand around with an unopened beer.

    I actually got it free when I bought a replacement part for my blender, and I just fell in love with the little thing.

  14. I carry a bag full of broken ball-point pens, expired credit cards, candy wrappers and a text book with a dog-eared corner I’ve been meaning to read but never get around to cause I get motion sick reading on the bus. I find this is all I need.

  15. I carry a tiny little leatherman and a powerful LED torch on my keys.

    Also, I carry one of those “blue flame” turbo lighters. I don’t smoke; I just happen to think that a man should have a way to cut things and a way to make fire at all times. It’s an affectation; I admit it.

    The torch and the leatherman get used regularly, though.

  16. I’ll take the kalichrome ray ban aviators plz! broke mine. they aren’t made any more, very $$$ on the auction sites.

  17. EDC is not about philosophy or preparedness. It is clearly a desperate attempt to appear masculine while graving to explore one’s feminine urge to carry a purse full of useless items.

    If you are a male and the number of your every day carry items exceeds half the number of pockets on you clothe, you are eligible for gender reassignment.


    1. Either you’re advocating empty pockets or you haven’t understood what “every day carry” means.

      “Every day carry” is just “the stuff in my pockets”. If it stays in my pocket it’s part of my EDC…

    2. someone who walks outside without a jacket (or backpack or briefcase) is only going to have four pockets. going by your ‘logic’, carrying keys + wallet + phone at the same time = purse envy and/or gender reassignment? wow. that’s a really well thought-out critique.

  18. I think the main thing is balancing being prepared for a reasonable array of “oh shit” moments, with not being a clear nutcase.

    My very basic “EDC” (ie. the shit I carry around with me) looks like:
    Wallet, Keys on a nice long chain, a few carabiners holding it all together. Chain absolutely essential, else I lose my wallet.

    Random, heavily abused S&W tritium watch, nylon strap.

    Cellphone, knackered, cheap, makes a handy doorstop.

    Sog multitool, In the UK leathermans aren’t *quite* legal to carry, due to locking blades, the sog doesn’t have a locking blade, so it’s pretty much legal.

    Not clutter by any means, can fix just about anything within reason.

    Optional extras:
    Basic CRKT M16 folder, nice and sharp, very handy for when shopping at bulk type places, doing basic wiring work, general food dealings.
    Park tools Hex Wrench set.
    Zippo Lighter.

    1. Sog multitool, In the UK leathermans aren’t *quite* legal to carry, due to locking blades, the sog doesn’t have a locking blade, so it’s pretty much legal.

      My UK union told me I’m covered if I’m at work or commuting… which I usually am… kind of… Maybe I should change: which Sog would you recommend?

      So: phone (which is also a music player & USB drive [mobile internet, network analyzer, calculator, sound recorder, tone generator, tuner, etc…]), wallet, keys, handkerchief, insulating tape, Leatherman, 6″ adjustable spanner, McFeely’s pocketwrench II, Maglite, Sharpie. The Leatherman and everything after it go in a Nite Ize holster on my belt.

      I do wear black a lot, but I’m too tall and paunchy to be any kind of ninja. And I would carry a proper pen as well as the Sharpie, but I keep losing the damn things.

      1. I’ve heard similar regarding leathermans, but as my EDC is just that, I figure a fairly well used tool with no explicitly illegal features (assuming you get a cop in a shitty mood)

        My Sog is an old powerplier with a full nose (much prefer it to a needlenose)

        I just discovered they’re discontinued. Looks like most of their new offerings would be questionable at best in the UK, most lock or are assisted opening.

        The paratool looks like the only decent option to me currently.

      2. My Leatherman Squirt PS4 doesn’t have a locking blade — and is so small it fits on my keyring.

        Which of course may not be your thing, but I specifically wanted something that even the most ignorant policeman could not mistake for a weapon.

      3. That’s basically the same basis by which I’ve constantly got a shotgun in my pick-up behind the seats even though I technically shouldn’t have it. (Yeah, it’s secured and frankly under the mountain of cans, bottles, odds and ends is impossible to find unless you know it’s there).

        Even had to use it for work related reasons a few times and saved a trip by having it handy.

        Also as far as these pretty pictures go… I prefer my grubby old wallet, bits and pieces of toolkits, sort of rusty but trusty knife and banged up old cell phone. At least losing or breaking any of that stuff won’t ruin my day.

  19. I go to the site every day and it’s gotten me to start carrying a few gadgets that have indeed become very useful. But it is hard not to think people are just a little enamoured with their stuff in these pictures though. I mean, a $300 pocket knife? But hey, it’s your money, you spend how you like. So on one hand, it’s not really just about a bunch of nice toys, yet on the other, it kind of is toys for grown ups.

  20. Is there a point to carrying multiple knives? No. Is there a point to carrying one? Absolutely!

    Opening packages? Prying two things apart? Getting things unstuck from between your teeth? Eating without a fork? Etc?


    1. Please, don’t pry with a knife, unless it’s a pry knife, then it’s okay.

      Carries phone, wallet, keys, and knife ( a GI Camillus TL-29).

      1. You can pry all day, as long as you’re careful and not a knife fetishist. Just get a sharpening stone in case you fudge the blade up. I’ve been doing it on the same knives for years.

  21. I carry EDC. And I have carried at least a knife for 34 years. Everyday. I personally can’t quite fathom how people get along without them. A knife is simply the most basic human tool. I consider it an extension of my arm. We are tool users. Carry tools.

    I use my EDC everyday. Flashlight, knife, multi-tool, pen, tweezers, scissors. All of these things come into play on a regular basis. Often a daily basis. It always seems to surprise people when they need a tool and I actually have it readily at hand. It always surprises me why they don’t.

    Better to have it and not need than need it and not have it.

  22. This seems an appropriate moment to remark that, in the first bliss of smartphone ownership, I went through a brief phase of half expecting it to do things like open bottles.

    Wallet, keys on pocketknife, phone. I find having lined & unlined notebooks reassuring – I take them to work, not often for casual excursions – but they probably see only a little more use than some of these weapons.

  23. What packages are you opening that you need a 50 dollar leatherman for? My job gave me a handy box cutter for free. With holster too. Does the pricey utility knife carrying crowd regularly get their packages delivered in wooden crates?

  24. I’m surprised that no one mentioned cigarettes. All these lighters carried around in urban areas and no one is carrying cigarettes? I know I always need a micro torch for lighting my aromatherapy candles.

  25. Moderator note: This thread is not about guns, gun control the second amendment, or any other wrangly threadjack topics. You have been warned.

    1. I understand and agree that this isn’t a place to discuss gun control, really, but ‘threadjack’? The post has a link to a blog where a substantial number of entries are of guns people claim to carry every day.

      “wrangly threadjack topics” just seems like a bit of harsh term to be throwing about, considering there’s a link to people describing their concealed firearms and all.

      1. The same thing is true of the New York Times, Wikipedia and IMDb. Still a threadjack.

  26. Really, I don’t see the need for more than one knife. A good multitool is all you need other than maybe keys and a wallet.

    I do some long exposure pinhole photography and as such carry an odd assortment of things, including wire, tape, some hex wrenches to fix my bike with, and cameras naturally. All of the stuff I carry gets used regularly, except my backup roll of wire and an extra set or wire cutters and pliers, and I only carry those because I have a tendency to leave my main roll of binding wire places, or forget my multitool at home, as it’s the only thing that I don’t put in my backpack, and I use it around the house and forget where I put it.

  27. I am surprised by how many things most posters carry. +1 on a knife/multitool, but I don’t see the need for always have more than 1 knife on your person. I was never in boyscouts, but I like to be prepared and a knife is the most important survival tool.

    1. But what if your single knife breaks halfway through cutting a rope during a life-or-death struggle?

      Seriously though, I’ve hiked who knows how many thousands of miles and never felt a need for more than one good knife. I kind of see a lot of those entries in the same light as deciding to carry four tents, for varying degrees of comfort.

  28. “… some of the images remind me of when I was 12 …”

    It’s totally like that, but that’s not a bad thing. I carried a Leatherman supertool around for a while before I realized I never needed it and it weighed a ton. But little gadgets are just fun. Partly it’s taking pleasure in design, partly it’s Gimli’s principle of “having an argument to hand”, I guess partly it’s an overactive imagination about the dangers one might face. But I don’t see it as any kind of character flaw. (I carry a cheap Victorinox Sentinel still.)

  29. I don’t know why you need multiple knives when you’ve got a set of $0.79 folding manicure scissors.

  30. I carried a lot more when I was working on movie sets. Leatherman, mini-Maglite, Zippo (in case an actor needed a smoke), pens, Post-Its, breath mints, god knows what-all. I actually wore a fanny-pack for it. I wasn’t proud.

    And yeah, that sure looks like a Honda key to me. Maybe even one from the 70s.

    Putt putt.

  31. My questions is how do they carry it? Every shot looks like the inventory would strain the most robust cargo pants. Yeah, I carry a wallet, keys, phone, pocket knife and pocket change. Add in a flashlight, the jaws of life, a ladder, shovel and sidearm like most of the submissions and my trousers are done for.

  32. And while I’m here, I’ve noticed an awful lot of “I don’t see the need for.” My guess is that people wander around carrying the stuff they think they’re gonna need, and most people don’t end up carrying much more than that.

    I have useful stuff in all the places where I spend time. Tools in my office, tools at home, stuff in my cars, out in my garage, stuff by my bedside. The pocketload is much lighter because I’m always either at work, at home, or near my car. The stuff I need is rarely more than a couple of steps away.

  33. Damn. What I meant to say before I sidetracked myself is that I don’t get the need for wallet chains. Unless your wallet is too small or your pockets too big or you actually spend time on motorcycle-type seats or live in a genuinely crappy neighborhood, do you really need a chain on your wallet?

    I bet some of you do, but most of you don’t.

    I had a similar affectation in that I used to wear pocketwatches. I had really bony wrists, so wristwatches were just embarrassing. And the small fifth pocket on Levis worked well for pocketwatches.

    But since I started wearing a pager and then eventually a cell phone, keeping the pocketwatch around seemed a tad too precious, so I gave it up.

  34. My dad handed me down his legit pair of gold rim yellow lens Raybans from the late 70s the other day…
    man they’re just extra rad with a side of burtal.

    1. Don’t set them down outside of your sanctum sanctorum or they will sprout legs and run away. I spent a lot of money in the 80s involentarily supplying other people with kalichromes and wayfarers.

  35. People have said “why carry more than one knife”.

    Well, I carry three blades. One is part of a Swisstech Utilikey on my keychain. It’s about two inches long and only useful for the lightest of cutting duties. The one I use most is a CRKT PECK which is also rather small. But it handles most everyday cutting tasks fairly easily. The third is a CRKT KISS which I keep for any of the heavier duty cutting tasks I might have. I’ve used the KISS to cut leather when I was doing some crafts and forgot to bring my utility knife. I don’t carry the utility knife normally. I’ve also used it to cut cakes which the PECK is just too short for.

    Sometimes I carry a Silver Stag hunting knife. I do so because it is very nice looking, and was a gift. I can’t carry that at work, so I carry the folders. The Silver Stag has a Damascus blade and a stag horn handle.

    I have been known to carry a multi tool but I quickly came to the realisation that I only used the knife blades and the screw driver bits so I switched to a Doc Allen Versa Tool and a knife. The Versa Tool is excellent, but after a while I realised I usually only used it in places where I already had access to a stock of tools.

    As for the Headlight/Flashlight debate… I have been known to carry both. They both have their place, but generally I carry a much more powerful (2 AA Cell) flashlight because it’s more generally useful.


  36. All the time : swiss army knife, keys, hair elastics in pockets, cell phone on belt. When I go out, I add a wallet.

    … rather a lot really.

  37. My EDC is technically only a Seiko Spork and a pair of blue bug-eye MSA sunglasses.

    however… i carry a lot of crap in my backpack: macbook pro, graphire tablet, point-n-shoot, Zoom-2 audio recorder, 911 phone, cables, adapters, power supplies for everything moleskine. pen, mechanical pencil, $200 wad of cash, many gigs of memory sticks and cards, leatherman, SOG tanto folder, couple of SSC P7 flashlights, aspirin,, GDO (garage door opener), extra snap-out lenses for my shades, wallet, velcro, ipod-nano, two pairs of earphones, and an HP calculator and reading glasses. and some other small stuff and a bunch of caribiners. whew!

    That doesn’t include weather specific clothes for later in my day nor my lunch.

    but that’s my everyday backpack.

  38. In my younger, more toolish days, I carried a Swiss Army knife in my pants pocket, a very small folder on my keychain… a butterfly knife in my jacket pocket… and a boot knife in my backpack.

    And a throwing star in my wallet.

    And a pellet gun in my glovebox.

    I now have a dresser drawer with most of those items stored “just in case” (can’t throw out good hardware, after all). I still carry the Swiss Army knife for daily use. And I’ve always carried a hankie; that’s something I learned from my grandfather while on his farm.

  39. I feel torn regarding EDC.

    Yes a great many of the posts are over the top and mall-ninjaish…

    BUT, you will notice that the host of the site will post little suggestions on how to get one’s kit to be more streamlined/efficient/etc.

    The basic idea is to carry as little as possible to be prepared for as much as possible and i like that, i’ve picked up some good ideas from EDC (like putting a small, lightweight LED flashlight in my man purse)

    As for guns, lots of LEO/security people frequent the site and some are required to carry firearms on/off duty. I personally like firearms and feel that they do a job most other items cannot. Matches can do what a lighter does, but nothing else can do what a firearm does.

    Regarding expensive “toys”, it’s this the blog that advocated a $200 belt?

  40. Flashlights are useful for when you crawl under the desk to take something apart behind the desktop computer. The knife is useful to open boxes from Amazon or Ebay. You need the cell phone, wallet, and keys to go to the mall. yeah, real adventuresome stuff EDC.

  41. headphones? i see 1 set, and one dedicated player – out of 15 entries on the main page.

    Does no-one listen to music during their day, or does a tangle of wire ruin a carefully constructed photograph?

  42. So this is… a self-portrait in accessories? That’s so funny. This guy gets all this stuff together and, oh right, it’s what he carries every day. The money clip. And he lays it all out like a Sharper Image cover and takes this picture and sends it in to this web site. So people can see what a rich and discriminating guy he is? Only the best.

    Are those ear plugs? What are we supposed to divine from that detail? And a wedding ring. Sorry girls, he’s taken.

    He should make it his Christmas card.

    1. those are not earplugs, they are etymotics, by far the most comfortable headphones i have ever used. The mic is as good as the iphone headset or better.

      And I carry a knife or leatherman squirt everyday because I am always needing something. I love the edc blog, it is nice to see others out there that are like me.



  44. Interesting. I tend to carry lots of cash so I can buy what I need in an emergency. :-)

    Still, there’s some really interesting stuff on that site. Major style points go to the guy on the front page right now who carries a Semmerling, an incredibly esoteric, manually operated .45 pistol that dates back to before anyone was making reliable autoloaders that combined small size with decent power. That thing is such an expensive collector’s item I can’t imagine toting it around every day. I’d prefer something cheaper in a light plastic; the Semmerling is quite heavy for its size.

    The one thing I don’t get is the multiple knives. I have two, a larger fixed blade for when I’m outdoors and a small folder for normal carry. Neither is “everyday” for me because I work in a federal building so weapons are forbidden. My point, though, is that I’d never carry them simultaneously. Too much overlap. But some of the EDC pics show more than one knife to be carried at the same time. That, I just don’t get.

  45. Every time I see this blog I want to take a photo of my “EDC”. Which would mostly involve dumping out my purse to reveal a sketchbook, a ten-year-old pencil tin, and a few odds and ends like little latex horns.

    Hey, it keeps me prepared for all the situations I fantasize about being in.

  46. I love cool tools and suchlike myself, and do in fact have some “EDC” items (though I’d never heard the term till recently). That blog, though, does seem to come from the same place that unboxing videos do – a fetishization of the object itself, for its own sake, rather than as an object with utility.

  47. On the subject of multiple knives, one should remember the old rule that two is one and one is none. It could be for redundancy, it could be for trumping Murphy’s law. You can also have several uses for your blades. I use a combo of Victorinox Swisstool Spirit (a swiss Leatherman) and an ultralight Spyderco ; the Swisstool is for working, the Spyderco is for eating.

    For the flashlight, I’m edcing one because I don’t see well in the dark. For my previous jobs, I was edcing both headlights and “tactical” flashlights, but now, I’m using a cheap entry-level single AAA ledlight from Fenix. It’s incredible that something that small can overpower an old Maglite 2D.

    One of the fun of edcing is in the well-rooted tradition of using small tool on a daily basis, not depending to others for menial tasks, getting a better efficiency than with bare hands or improvised tools, and that there are no rules.

    There is plenty of schools of edcing, from tacticool to minimalists, via survivalists and fetichists and pragmatists and ready for anything and hippies carrying banboo choptsticks and knitting needles and boyscouts with their five objects or businessmen overconnected.

    You can spent from several dollars to the GDP of a small African country to equip yourself.

    EDC is fun, and it’s cool.

  48. @bardfinn

    This is the anonymous from earlier who posed the flashlight/headlamp question.

    I hadn’t considered the whacking people about the head opportunities available with a Maglite. Of course, no one is carrying the full size ones in their pockets, they’re carrying the shorter ones for use as a Kubotan. I suppose simply kicking someone in the nuts and running like a scared child is so jejune these days….

    I’ve got to ask though… “two rap rings”? What in the heck are you going to use those for?

    Perhaps we’re using different terminology (I’m a rock climber), but I think of rap rings as aluminum or steel rings used to preserve the integrity of a rappel anchor for future climbers. I’m a bit confused as to what one would use them for in most emergency situations and in the absence of a rope

  49. Well, as long as this isn’t about proving one’s masculinity via tool display…glasses cases (two), wallet, checkbook, brush, keys, small bag of various lip moisturizers, hand lotion, notebook, pens, musician’s ear plugs (15% filters), glasses cleaner wipes, mints, gum, toothpicks, a lot of dental floss, hand sanitizing wipes, eye drops, packets of Stevia, bottle opener, erasers, and one small screwdriver.

    I don’t want to carry less stuff; I want a bigger purse.

    If I’m traveling, I add a very nice Swiss Army knife given to me as a gift.

  50. Anon from earlier: I loffed; The only time I’ve ever had a confrontation, I kicked the guy in the jejune and got in my car and drove off.

    The rap rings are for the slatts belt or another rope, to keep from rubbing on the Petzl’s gate or on itself – preserves the rope when used in a trucker’s hitch.

  51. After getting caught in a 2-day blackout in Aomori, Japan after the recent earthquake, I’ve added a spare cellphone battery and/or a small charger and USB cable to my kit. It was normally in my bag, but Murphy’s law struck: ‘just a day trip, I won’t need that!’, but the LED flashlight was essential, as was the FM radio in my Android, while the battery lasted. Didn’t miss not having 3 knives and a handgun, not in Japan, anyway.

  52. Daily, I carry my keys, wallet, cellphone, glasses, wristwatch and a small pocketknife. All the weaponry some of those guys carry just speaks to their insecurities.

    Still, I imagine a guy wearing shooter’s glasses slinking downstairs for his morning Frosted Flakes, pulling a HOBO knife out of his tactical vest and unfolding the spoon, eyes mere slits searching mom’s kitchen for ninjas.

  53. Do some of you people (the “I don’t understand how a modern human in a western country needs anything beyond keys, a phone, and id/methods of payment. The rest of it is clutter” types) realize that some people actually STILL WORK WITH THEIR HANDS FOR A LIVING??? Yes, and WITH TOOLS! O-M-G !!!

    My everyday load is the route keys on a wallet chain (can’t lose them as I would be fcöked), small adjustable wrench, mini led flashlight, and Atwood tool (which has phillips and standard screwdriver bits plus a wicked pry tool). I also have in my motorcycle jacket (which is like my wearable purse since I hate carrying one) lighter, knife, pepper spray, ear plugs (for working on equipment inside the club with L-O-U-D music), lip gloss, small nail file, cell phone, id/plastic pay stuff, thingy of hand cleaner, pen, and a couple other mystery fun items ;)

    I use these items ALL THE TIME as I don’t always have my toolbox with me but I am usually able to fix the video games and pinballs on location with just what I carry on hand.

    so yes folks, some of us know how to use these-here-computer-thangs AND use our opposable thumbs and digits to pay the bills, so we actually NEED tools!

  54. Wife of Rebdav here, he wants me to give a girls list although he talked me into some of this stuff and much of it is to keep the kids wiped up or emergency tea stuff. The flashlight came in handy skiing in France when the lights went out and my waitress made my salad by flashlight so I am actually glad when I need the stuff.

    nesting silverware
    PG Tips tea bags
    immersion water boiler
    oatmeal packet
    powdered cream
    bank deposit envelopes
    unpaid bills
    doctors notes and referrals for kids
    MP3 player
    leatherman tool
    mini-maglite flashlight
    packaged handwipes
    address book
    whatever I forgot about at the bottom of my backpack shop purse.

    He used to want me carry a little ham radio but I got worried about breaking the antenna or headset so that is only for zoo or museum trips.

  55. I try not to go overboard

    Yellow-tinted sunglasses
    Kubotan self-defense keychain
    NOVA T4 4 watt Luxeon Tactical flashlight
    KZ Xtreme Defense Pen, Type II Class 3 hard anodized
    8″ Tactical Boots with side zipper
    1/4in.x100ft. military-grade tactical rope
    Nalgene liter water bottle
    Steripen portable handheld UV water purifier
    Phone with speed dial presets for Police, my mom
    Emergency rations ($20 Olive Garden® gift certificate)
    Vaseline petroleum jelly 13 oz
    Handi-Pak tissues (qty 100) Kleenex® Brand
    Triflex latex surgical gloves, Sterile, 40 pairs

  56. I carry a knife, keys, phone, and wallet always if I’m clothed for leaving the house. Almost always I have a very bright flashlight too. I started carrying a fountain pen and pepper spray recently. I’ve found all but the pepper spray necessary, the knife I use the least but still it comes out at least once a week for one reason or another. I hate to be that guy, but sometimes being armed is necessary, or at least provides a reassuring sense of safety to insecure people. Now comes to the anecdote:
    Just earlier tonight my girlfriend was freaked out by a “scary black man” who approached us, he was just a dude who “needs money, but not for cocaine” (yes, he said this). I was bored and tend to give thing away so I pulled out my wallet and showed him my entire collection of cash, $10 total. I joked about debt while giving him one of my two fives (and yes, I told him he could buy cocaine with it if he wanted). He chatted a bit trying to convince me to give him the other five, I was friendly but made it clear my charity had come to an end. He wondered off down the street. After, my girlfriend was all WTF!?! and said some shit about him maybe having a gun. I explained how I could have put my knife through his throat far more easily than he could have drawn and fired his hypothetical gun. “Oh yeah, you have a knife…”
    Yes, I have a knife and I’m not afraid to use it.
    It’s not something I want to do or have given much thought to doing, but if someone is within arms length I can fuck their shit up hard and fast. You don’t realize how reassuring an ability like this is until someone you love thinks it might be immanently necessary.

  57. If I’m out hill walking or camping, my EDC is different to a Wednessday morning commute to work. Same if I’m spending a weekend doing DIY.

    In the interests of science I have taken a quick picture of my current EDC – this is literally all I put in my pockets this morning when I left for work. At no point today have I been left thinking “shoot, if only I had a pair of yellow raybans and 2000 lumen flashlight”.


    Selected highlights:

    1) Tactical key chain containing:

    1 x key for 10 y/old Ford Focus hatchback. Contains advanced theft protection features (i.e. it’s the key to a 10 y/old Ford Focus hatchback)

    1 x housekey (sorry, “tactical housekey”)

    1 x tactical bottle opener

    1 x small SAK which I found while camping in Africa in 1997. It says Credit Suisse on the side, from which I would like you to infer that I have an unnumbered Swiss bank account and am therefore a secretive international secret agent. I use the SAK to tactically open envelopes and adjust the screws on my tactical reading glasses.

    1 x debit card, my 5 mile commute takes me past 8 major supermarkets, 6 major banks and a whole load of cashmachines, all of which take Visa. In a survival sitation I can also use it in Greggs to buy a sausage roll meal-deal.

    1 x office Blackberry (whose tactical 0.001 megapixel camera took the crystal-clear image highlighted above).

    I keep a bunch of loose change, first-aid kit and a windup LED torch etc in the car, but apart from that when I’m at home, in town or in the office I’m never more than 10-15ft from any tool I could possibly need.

    If I were a bush pilot in the Canadian wilderness I might add a few other bits, but I’ve not met anyone I work with who regularly needs a folding drop-point carbon fibre diving knife (although I think some of the DBAs *wish* they needed one).

  58. Normal stuff…

    Sailors folding knife and lockspike (mainly for opening packages and fruit), also for taking stones out of horses hoofs; Schrade multi tool. Not as accessible as the lockspike; Four tabs of tegretol; LG Optimus android phone (doubles as a camera)

    And when travelling..

    Inka travel pen; Digital watch with world time; LED torch; Garmen eTrex GPS; Various power adapters; ASUS eeepc 701 laptop loaded with ubuntu;

    The case shown there looks snazzy but it takes space and I would probably shove my gear into a laptop bag.

  59. Bicycle horn
    Red rubber ball
    Seltzer bottle
    Backup seltzer bottle
    Inflatable palm tree
    Giant oversized shoes
    SIG-SAUER P229 .357 SIG
    Regular oversized shoes
    Rainbow suspenders
    Bald cap
    Bow tie
    White-tipped cane that turns into bouquet of flowers
    2 trained ferrets named “Odo” and “Kodo”
    Three sealed containers of ferret treats

  60. My “EDC” list:

    HTC Touch Pro
    Wallet with normal wallet stuff
    Keychain with keys to my cars, a key to a car that I got rid of a while back, but happens to be quite effective at cutting tape, apartment, office, a mini wrench that I really need to modify into a bottle opener, and a Fenix E01 flashlight with an Energizer e2 battery
    Casio CA53W-1 watch

    If it’s a work day, add:

    Blackberry Curve 9300 (I carry this whenever my employer might need to contact me, or if the Touch Pro is sucking)
    Lamy Al-Star fountain pen, fine nib, currently using Private Reserve Blue Suede (but I need to get some more Noodler’s Squeteague, that stuff worked far better)
    Generic pen, for loaning to people for signing paperwork, and for things the fountain pen doesn’t work well on

  61. Looking through this gadget porn I noticed none of these folks bother to bring the most important implement of all, they know not where their towels are.

  62. I’ve never seen “carry” used as a noun before.

    You can lump me in with the phone+wallet+keys+small leatherman + cigarette lighter people. Though there are tons of tools in the truck.

  63. Oh, and as an occasional knife-maker, I will tell you that ‘tactical’ is my favorite word to hear from a potential customer. All it means is paint it black and charge 30% more.

  64. I just want to say that you people who carry hankies are clearly more prepared than I am. Although, rebdav’s wife wins, with both kleenex and handwipes. The only way to top that would be to carry a towel.

    I generally only carry a knife, top hat, monocle and pocketwatch.

    1. The hanky has a dual purpose here in the desert. For half the year, you can’t touch anything outside without some kind of shielding. Most businesses strap a piece of scrap carpet onto their door handles, but you’ve still got to get the mailbox open somehow.

  65. A sense of derring do.
    Self loathing.
    Book: 1001 jokes.
    Book: How to make friends and influence people.
    Book: How to lose friends and alienate people.

  66. Digital voice recorder, charged up. Always. Cools down police misconduct and many unofficial forms of harassment. Just always keep the elbow bent, holding recorder close to the chest, to make clear from a distance that it’s not an offensive object.

    Also good for when the aging relative or “I was there, man” neighbor gets into a storytelling groove.

  67. Neat toys. My only tool I consistently carry is my CRKT M16-02Z Tanto styled knife. I some times carry a flashlight, but thus far I haven’t invested in a decent one that is small enough and to want to carry all the time.

    1. I bought an ITP A1 EOS at amazon, because the small Surefires are just too expensive. I am really happy with the light, and it has to be tough, as I work outside daily. I use it daily while performing a daily inspection on my cranes and have yet to change the battery in over 2 months. It’s small and light and clips to the corner of my pocket with a lanyard that clips to my belt loop (I lose things in the yard regularly). Sorry for sounding like an ad, but it’s a nice little light.

  68. Gee, a lot of snarky / hateful language on here. As long as the people on that site aren’t hurting anyone else and are engaging in legal conduct, why waste even a second of your time disparaging them? Sigh.

    There is an element of fashion to the photos, but so what? Humans find aesthetic beauty in lots of things, and for some people beauty means (perceived) capability.

    Sure, there are posers there, but there are posers on BB too. Lastly, you wouldn’t be able to pick most of these people out of a crowd, especially myself, I look like a liberal Democrat semi-hippie (which I am, actually), but you’d never guess that I carry all this…

    4x6x10 zippered bag that goes into whatever bag I’m taking to yoga/skiing/biking/meditating at the Buddhist center/whatever:
    antibiotic ointment
    hand sanitizer
    Thermal blanket
    Israeli bandage
    water purification tablets
    nitrile gloves
    athletic tape
    NewSkin wound sealer (this stuff is GREAT if you’ve never tried it)
    AAA headlamp
    NSAID painkillers (allergic to ibuprofen)
    Bigger flashlight
    crank cellphone charger
    shortie USB cord
    Vaseline-soaked cotton balls (tinder for fires)
    75cmx75cm silk bandana (towel, water filter, neck cooling-off-device, handkerchief, sling, HHGTTG contingency item)
    1/4 cup gatorade mix
    5m of thin rope rolled around 2m of duct tape rolled around a pencil
    4 protein bars
    insect repellent

    Smith Threshold sunglasses and case (lenses stopped getting scratched after I started making sure case was always with me)
    earplugs in sunglasses case
    Gerber Clutch multitool
    Split Pea lighter
    emergency rescue whistle
    small LED flashlight
    house key
    car key for 1992 Subaru with 250,000 miles
    glass breaker

    (large) wallet:
    Lamy Al-Star fountain pen
    stack of notecards clipped together (Way better than a Moleskine)
    carry permit

    2 liters of water in Nalgene bottles
    coffee thermos

    Motorola Defy rugged smartphone
    CZ P-01 9mm handgun

    Very banged up Seiko SKX dive watch

    1. props on the CZ.
      very high quality piece.

      and awesome emergency kit, i work in DC and need to find a way to keep that much gear at hand.

    2. I hope you realize that ibuprofen is, in fact, an NSAID before you take it and go into shock… because if you’re allergic to one NSAID chances are you’re allergic to all. Be careful.

      1. I meant to type non-NSAID (acetaminophen) but somehow it got lost. I’m aware ibuprofen is an NSAID as well as a whole host of other things. So I keep a complete list of drugs that are NSAIDs and I don’t take them.

  69. an asp (living)

    A sliver of the True Cross

    a pocket full of teeth (of undetermined provenance)

    one meerschaum pipe

    5 grams of opium

    an icepick of iron with jade inlay handle

    two dill pickles in a plastic baggie (in case I get hungry)

  70. It’s a lifestyle of carrying things for your other lifestyles. For the people who doesn’t understand why people carry so much stuff (I don’t either), just forget you ever saw this and move on with your life. For the people who embraces EDC, they can continue to share their interest in displaying the stuff they carry not much different than people taking pictures of the food they eat. After reading a few posts, forgive my ignorance but I assume that most people who carry these tools work a blue collar jobs. Otherwise I don’t see the need for a lot of these things. In my country, switchblades are illegal to carry in public. I can only carry a handgun if i got a licence that proves that my life is in danger and police protection is insufficient. I can’t remember the last time I ever needed to use a flashlight because the cell phone is sufficient until I find the light switch. Other than these three controversial items, everything else (money, phone, keys, etc) seem more acceptable to the general public. Since no one wants to see just pictures of your wallet, keys and phone, why not change the name from edc to “emergency combat carry”. Most people like me only like to look at pictures with the cool stuff anyway.

    The definition of EDC refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies.

    Yet I never see anyone posting pictures of their laptop, headphones, umbrella, mobile projector, cameras, tablet(kindle in my case), npower peg (using kinetic energy to charge your electronic devices). Maybe I just have a different idea of “gadgets” in mind.

  71. Wow, this thread is filled with condescending douche bags.

    We all do not live in London, NYC, or San Diego.

    Where I live we have long winters, with long nights. We lose power due to the weather a dozen times a year. So I carry a pretty capable flashlight most days. Some times I even use it to walk the dog at night.

    I spend a lot of time outdoors. I fish and camp so I carry a real knife mostly all the time. I also use it to open packages and envelopes.

    I have a mini leatherman on my keychain I use it several times a week. About an hour ago I used it to unscrew a cover on my daughters toy and change the batteries.

    I have a nice watch, my wife gave it to me as an engagement gift.

    Who doesn’t wear sunglasses? Wallet? Cellphone? I have a lot of friends with car keys.

    Most of the guns on the site look to be setup for concealed carry, it is my understanding that in most places that requires a special license and an extensive background check. So I am thinking they belong to people who need them.

    I am a pretty neat guy so when out my stuff away at the end of the day it is organized. Why is this a problem for anyone?

    These are the tools of my life.

  72. From the obnoxious nature of some of the comments, I guess everyone has forgotten September 11th, 2001, and the people who had to walk out of Manhattan in high heels (women) or oxfords (men) when the WTC came down and trains were not running. Covered in dust, with only the clothes on their backs, some walked 10 miles or more across bridges into the other NYC burroughs and home.

    But we can’t have forgotten the recent images of Japanese people walking around dazed and confused after the earthquake and tsunami… The EDC movement is about having enough gear on your person to be self-sufficient and SURVIVE if something dreadful happens. Its not about filling you pockets with worthless junk. Its about having the basic tools of survival: knife, ability to make fire, communication, money, ID, flashlight, water, a little food… whatever you think are the necessary tools to get you out of a jam and help you survive when things don’t go exactly as planned. Unless you’re like Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire and just “have always depended on the kindness of strangers”, everyone should be able to take care of themselves in an emergency.

  73. Wow, lots of vitriol about what people carry around in their pockets. So some people like their nicely machined gadgets — what’s wrong with that? I’d say that someone who can’t see any possible reason to carry a knife and a flashlight maybe needs to get outdoors a bit more. It’s a great idea for a site in any case; I’d love to see a gallery show of just the contents of random people’s pockets.

  74. #116 please get over yourself my friend :) as a new yorker and a veteran (who also survived 9/11), i’d be very worried if everybody started carrying knives to school/work/office. would be a very sad moment for our beloved country. please relax :)

    #32 was the funniest here…

  75. I’d say part of the fun of that site is the set-up and photography. It’s a little eccentric form of a diorama. So to call out people’s ‘meglomania’ based on displaying things people may be proud to own is rather shallow as well, no? Relax.

    And what many on here don’t realize is their reality isn’t necessarily somebody else’s. Many of the EDC’s on there are indeed LEO’s, private security professionals and contractors. Some are just well-prepared folks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the majority is carrying, most are withing reason, and god forbid something should ever happen you will be happy to be next to someone with a well put-together EDC.

  76. folks like the author of the article has cause everyday-carry.com to give up the ship. nice job everyone for all the insulting comments!!!


    here’s what was posted on their site today:

    Thanks for everything and carry on…

    To the loyal readers of the site, as well as new followers — I can only apologize for what I feel is the best course of action to take. You may have noticed a decrease in posts as a result of my other personal commitments to my academic and extracurricular responsibilities. In light of the recent attention and coverage from other blogs (thanks for spreading the word), I’ve been simply overwhelmed with the amount of emails, questions and submissions to this site. In the past, I would’ve been more than happy to do my best to help everyone looking for answers, but at this scale I’m afraid I don’t have the resources to do this. Furthermore, while I know it’s dangerous to read your own press, I can’t help but be hurt by the hateful comments people are leaving about this site and more importantly, the readers and contributors. What started as a personal place to catalog a simple hobby of mine, which later turned into a medium to spread preparedness, has now become a target for hatred and criticism. I wanted this site to generate useful discussion and not attract hate, so for this reason I have even less motivation to continue here at EDC. Since its onset there have been many other similar blogs on tumblr that do more or less the same thing here, so do not worry — there will be content elsewhere! I may come back, maybe tomorrow, maybe once this academic quarter ends, maybe never… Nevertheless, let me take this moment to thank everyone who supported me and everyone who hated on the site. I’ll leave you with my EDC as of yesterday just as a timestamp of sorts.

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