"The Wire" as a Dickens serial


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Dickensian aspect….

  2. PaulMorel says:

    I think we crashed that server.

    • putty says:

      The web server is still running. But not only is it not showing us the web page, there was an error producing the error:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I’m the editor of the blog. And yes, you appear to have knocked our server down. I’ve talked to our tech guy and hopefully he’ll have it up soon.

    Sorry; we’re just a little comics blog; we don’t usually get traffic like this. Thank you for the link!

  4. Kyle H says:

    You know, not for nothing, but people use “Dickensian” in the reviews because the show made the term “Dickensian aspect” a nice little in-joke about the cluelessness of journalists.

  5. Church says:

    Oh. My. Gods.

    This is the best thing ever! (Possibly until Game of Thrones premiers.)

  6. TEKNA2007 says:

    Great post, and perfect timing for me. I just inhaled the first three seasons of the Wire over the last two weeks. Gonna pick up season 4 this evening. I’m so hooked. Plus, my head is now full of street talk. Everything I think now ends with MF.

    Before: “When can we get together and talk about that?”
    Now: “Sit yo ass down!”

    Before: “How’s that coming?”
    Now: “Get on with it, mothaf-”

  7. NoahB says:

    Hi; I’m Noah Berlatsky, the editor of the Hooded Utilitarian, which published this article.

    We’re just a little independent comics blog; our site usually gets about 1/10 as much traffic as we’re currently handling. We’ve done some tinkering so it’s not completely not working, but it’s still definitely bumpy.

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  8. buddy66 says:

    By the gods! This is the best piece of faux lit crit since F. Crews took on Winnie The Pooh. Great stuff, Mr. Robinson. Indeed, brilliant!

  9. KevSaund says:

    The comments on the article, are just as good as the article itself.

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