"The Wire" as a Dickens serial

dickensomar.jpgIt's one of those ideas that sounds less nuts the more you think about it: "The Wire" imagined as a 19th-century serialized novel. After all, David Simon's great multi-season drama had all the muckraking moral outrage of Charles Dickens (Google the reviews and try to count the number of times you see the word "Dickensian"), and its shifting viewpoint over five seasons gave it a similar historical sweep and reportorial authority. The real kick of "When It's Not Your Turn," though, is its obsessive attention to detail. You have to admire the dedication of creators Joy Delyria and Sean Michael Robinson, who seemingly cram every arcane bit of the show's rich mythology into a fake lit-crit essay. The illustrations, ostensibly by Baxter "Bubz" Black, just add to the goofy verisimilitude of the thing. It's a fabulous fraud.


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  2. You know, not for nothing, but people use “Dickensian” in the reviews because the show made the term “Dickensian aspect” a nice little in-joke about the cluelessness of journalists.

  3. Great post, and perfect timing for me. I just inhaled the first three seasons of the Wire over the last two weeks. Gonna pick up season 4 this evening. I’m so hooked. Plus, my head is now full of street talk. Everything I think now ends with MF.

    Before: “When can we get together and talk about that?”
    Now: “Sit yo ass down!”

    Before: “How’s that coming?”
    Now: “Get on with it, mothaf-“

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  5. By the gods! This is the best piece of faux lit crit since F. Crews took on Winnie The Pooh. Great stuff, Mr. Robinson. Indeed, brilliant!

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