Lightbulb with integrated wireless speaker

Hammacher Schlemmer's "Audio Light Bulb" is a $300 pair of speakers that you screw into your light-socket (it has a set of white LEDs that provide light equivalent to a 60 Watt incandescent). It draws power from the light-socket, and uses a radio receiver to reproduce sound from your home stereo (you plug a matching transmitter into the audio output on your stereo or computer).

It's a pretty interesting (albeit pricey) way of getting sound into lots of places in your home, though I don't know what it sounds like, and I'm not enough of an audio geek to know whether ceilings are good places to put your speakers. The catalog page doesn't say what frequency it runs on, but I'd guess 2.4GHz, which might clobber your baby monitor or WiFi.

This is the wireless, illuminated speaker that installs as easily as a light bulb. It fits unobtrusively within a recessed can light receptacle, replacing a standard light bulb, for discreet audio and lighting. Providing crisp audio, the full-range, 10-watt speaker receives interference-free wireless audio signals from up to 50' away from its transmitter...
The Audio Light Bulb. (via Cribcandy)