Stack of 3D models of history's space rockets


Space Hacker Ariel Waldman points us to Sascha Pohflepp's The Rocket, "Every freely available 3D-model of space rockets as found on Google 3D Warehouse, chronologically ordered and assembled into one unbroken chain of our attempts to transcend the gravity well." The Rocket


  1. Thanks for the Goddard rocket, I had actually been looking for that and couldn’t find it. I may still add it. S

  2. Might want to change the order there just a little bit; V-2 begot a whole bunch of descendants, but the Atlas (which looks like bird #2 there) was not one of them. You might want to move the R-7 up to just below the V-2, or maybe throw in an American Redstone which actually flew ahead of the bigger Soviet bird (funny that; both the Soviet and American boosters used to successfully orbit satellites were both lineal descendants of the V-2).
    Otherwise, nice job.

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