Activationism: Cape Cod's feel good "cult" of 1948

Cultcodddd-1 "Do you want a 'real' experience to talk about when you get home from your vacation? Come and get yourself Activationized." That's what the flier read inviting Cape Cod tourists to a 1948 gathering of "Activationists." According to a LIFE magazine article, the founder, Milton Hood Ward, had "watched Indian and Haitian dancers whooping up their tribal rites (and) figured that inhibited Americans would feel better if they did the same thing." According the article, Ward, "counseled his followers, which included housewives, waitresses, fishermen and would-be artists, to uncork their emotions all over the place. 'Activate or Deteriorate' was his motto." Dig the photographic evidence over at
"Grooviest. Cult. Ever!"