Maker culture sendup: the Tinkerer's Handbook

The Wondermark webcomic is celebrating its ninth anniversary with a multi-part sendup of maker culture called "The Tinkerer's Handbook (The Magazine For People Who Cannot Leave Well Enough Alone)."

The Tinkerer's Handbook, Page 1 (of 8)


  1. Tinkerers can bring great efficiency. I had a service call where I had a spare fuser, sensors and rollers that dispatch thought would fix the problem.

    I fixed the problem with the spring from a ball point pen.

    They get the parts back. Everybody wins. Except the pen.

  2. I like the comment at the bottom:

    “Over 2 projects inside”

    Let me guess…there are THREE???


  3. If one cannot take a thing and at a time and place of his choosing disassemble its decorative outer structure, in order to amend or simply observe and appreciate its innermost pieces and workings, then that thing is not one’s own!

  4. “Let Us Meddle” Hee! I don’t know why, but I find that funny. From now on I’m not working, I’m *meddling* with my car, computer, etc!

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