Thermochromic pissoir

This unsourced photo depicts a thermochromic communinal urinal that allows gentlemen (and suitably trained ladies) to paint psychedelic rainbows on its surface using only the steaming fury of their piss-streams.

Thermochromic urinal (via Neatorama)


  1. that ain’t real. it’s a photo taken in the Barbican Centre, London, then shop’ed

  2. It will get awkward when your neigbor’s “painting” is more colorful than yours. At least you can immediately spot the clean places.

  3. I do hope my eyes are playing a trick on me and these gentlemen aren’t actually standing in the trough.

  4. as a self-absorbed, prolific artist i welcome any opportunity to show off my creativity

  5. At the Rattle and Hum restaurant in Cairns Australia, the pissoir wall is a one way mirror, so you can observe the patrons right on the other side of the glass while relieving yourself. That also makes for some interesting piddle play.

  6. “… suitably trained ladies …!” Yes, I know about Sheewees, but using one in a place where men are peeing … and how would said men feel, were I to whip out my sheewee? I suspect a lot of shyness might result rather quickly.

    1. You don’t need to use a accessory to pee standing up, just training, like Xeni said. Some friends of mine that work in environments lacking in sit-down toiletries vouch for it.

      Here’s the first hit I got from google (slightly NSFW?), albeit there’s more information in wikipedia and forums, etc:

      1. Agreed: it’s all a matter of muscle training and having an external anatomy that doesn’t impede.

    2. I remember being at a party once where a woman was betting men that they could not take a wizz while she was holding it for them. A few took the bet and not one of them achieved wizzdom. Interesting test I thought.

  7. Yeah, the “suitable trained” bit reveals a certain lack of understanding of female anatomy.

  8. It’s a mood urinal!

    Although there’s only one mood that’s appropriate for this…

    …pissed, of course.

  9. Yep, ladies. The inner labia is all that stands between you and upright pissing. Just pull them out of the way if need be and practice. You too can piss against a wall and impress friends at parties with it.

  10. I don’t understand how easily the details are lost from photos like this. Surely the person who took the photo and posted it somewhere, or emailed it to a friend or whatever, included information about where it was? Why isn’t this information passed along?

    Given the text on the image, perhaps it’s a screen grab from a video, or scanned from a magazine. Either one would have included information about it.

  11. “I don’t understand how easily the details are lost from photos like this.”

    I think what happens is that so many people start sharing it with the same name that don’t have the info for whatever reason that it becomes hard to *find* the information with searches.

    At that point you’re basically waiting for some one who knows the source, or has a clue about it to give details that are relevant.

    But since images can be kind of old some times by the time they really catch the internet’s fancy this can take a while.

    In the meantime the whole world seems to be tweeting “Look at this, I don’t know where or what it is”

  12. Guy urinating “What the hell did I eat?” (looks over) “What did you eat?.. Well at least my stool is still the right color”.

  13. This is just sad. Instead of teaching more of us male apes that it’s more civilised to exercise certain bodily functions inside a stall and not parade them around in full view (or even half view for that matter), we’re encouraging men to piss like dogs with stupid “enhancements” like this. And it’s even scarier that some women might also want to do the same even when it’s not just due to a hygiene problem with the available seats or some other very pragmatic concern.

    Try to picture people defecating in similar conditions of reciprocal visibility and you might begin to understand what the problem is here.

    Urinals are an insult to male decency, insofar as such a thing exists, and they should be abolished, not embellished.

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