Allergies explained using cookies and candy


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  1. lava says:

    and that’s why cromolyn sodium is the best allergy relief medicine — it binds to the “Y” receptors shown above and stabilize the cell so it does not burst releasing the histamines and anaphylactic. You take it in a nose spray, its over the counter, and it rarely has side effects. But people hooked on Clariten and other side effect ridden allergy drugs never believe it..

  2. weatherman says:

    Using cookies and candy is completely pointless pandering; the edibles in no way illustrate the science here – they might as well have been marbles or colored bits of paper. A clever teacher would have figured out some material that was both engaging and provided insight in to the properties of cells or allergens or their interaction.

    Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate it when teachers try to “engage young scientists” but that takes a little more work than just using candy.

  3. Grant Hamilton says:

    Thank god she was wearing rubber gloves while handling those snacks…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg all I could think about was eating that awesome blue cookie.
    Then I learned about allergies!

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