DoubleTap: share music between Android phones by tapping them together

Jon "DVD Jon" Johansen sez, "At Google I/O today we launched doubleTap, an update to the doubleTwist Android app that adds proximity-based sharing for NFC-enabled Android devices such as the Google Nexus S. With doubleTap users can transfer a video or a song simply by tapping two devices together. NFC (Near Field Communication) is used to initiate the sharing and then the actual file transfer happens over WiFi or Bluetooth. We are demoing this powerful feature at our stand at I/O using some great Creative Commons licensed tracks from ccMixter. In this app update, we also brought AirPlay support to Android so now you can stream to your Apple TV from non-Apple devices!"

Spotlight: doubleTwist's doubleTap (Thanks, Jon!)


  1. I am working on a peer to peer location sharing application for android. A mechanism like this would work wonders for initially peering handsets.

  2. Most Impressive.

    But…if we tap phones: will you also get my naked mistress photos and angry screeds I write about my boss?

    This seems like a possible game changer to me: sharing a little song… is…nice.

    Yet, the potential for many gigs of personal info to be available at a tap is another thing entirely.

    I would be like trump in a leper colony: no contact.

  3. I am working on a virus application for android. A mechanism like this would work wonders for initially peering handsets.

  4. How is this different from “Bump” for iPhone ?

    I ask because I’ve had that for the longest time and I’ve NEVER EVER used it. And I know I’m not the only one.

  5. Sweet technology. Doubt I would ever use it.

    So is this type of “file sharing” legally allowed?

    1. Depends on where you live. At present i think this would be allowed in Norway for instance, as current copyright law here allow sharing of copies between close friends and family.

      As such, this could make it big in schoolyards and such.

      Still, Norway is in the process of reworking their copyright legislation right now. And this comes on top of the recent implementation of the EU data storage directive that means any email, call, sms and data (browsing, file transfers and so on) activity will have its end points and duration logged for 6 months. Also the language used by the politician in charge basically reeks of the assumption that copyright is a natural right, and that file sharers are the most immoral of criminals.

  6. Great, now everytime I’m on a crowded train I’ll end up with either Lady Gaga or some crappy techno on my phone… hrmph!

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