Vindictive lumber baron's far-flung heirs inherit, 91 years after his death

12 descendants of Wellington R. Burt, a long-dead, vindictive lumber baron, have split a $100-$110 million inheritance that the plutocrat left to be disbursed to his descendants 21 years after the last of his living grandchildren had died.

Press accounts imply that Wellington Burt experienced familial conflicts, which led to the unusual will. Burt had left his children $1,000 to $5,000 annually, relatively small amounts, except for a "favorite son" who he gave $30,000 annually, according to The Saginaw News.

Burt, however, cancelled a $5,000 annuity to one of his daughters over a disagreement about her divorce, the newspaper reported.

Through a trust, he left his secretary $4,000 annually and a cook, housekeeper, coachman and chauffeur each received $1,000 annually.

$100 Million Finally to Be Split Between Descendants, 92 Years After Rich Relative's Death (via Consumerist)