Miro4: open, cross-platform iTunes replacement that does BitTorrent, podcast channels, and synchs to everything

Nicholas from the Participatory Culture Foundation sez,
Miro 4 has just been released! We believe the open media world can be just as integrated and usable as the closed, top-down, DRM'ed systems of companies like Apple. And we want to prove it. Miro, free and open-source, is now a full alternative to iTunes and Windows Media Player:

* Syncs music and video to Android phones and tablets
* Buy music and apps from Amazon and other stores inside Miro
* Stream and share music and video on your local network
* Gorgeous, totally new UI
* Works with your iTunes library, so it's easy to try Miro and see if you like it
* A very fast bittorrent client
* Powerful video player supporting and converting almost any format

Basically, it rules. Android is going to be 50% of the smartphone market by the end of the year, but millions of Android users are still using iTunes, software that explicitly refuses to sync to their devices. That seems a little crazy doesn't it? We think Miro 4 can change that.

Miro 4 (Thanks, Nicholas!)

(Disclosure: I'm proud to volunteer on the board of directors for the Participatory Culture Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Miro)