Denmark bans Marmite

Denmark has banned Marmite on the grounds that the spread's Vitamin B fortification puts it into conflict with Danish food safety regs.
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has allegedly made the importation of Marmite illegal, apparently on the grounds that the yeast extract is fortified with vitamin B, and therefore doesn't meet strict safety guidelines. (It's not the first time Marmite has been banned for health reasons - a few years ago some Welsh schools removed it from breakfast menus because of its salt content.) The possibility of a Marmite war with Denmark seems remote - the half of the UK population who find Marmite disgusting are unlikely to be outraged - but if the ban (which also includes Ovaltine and Horlicks) continues, what Danish produce can Britain boycott in retaliation?
This will teach the Danes to ban Marmite!

(Image: marmite, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from hodgers's photostream)