Citizen Science Quarterly: CC-licensed journal for citizen science

I've finally gotten around to reading the inaugural edition of the Citizen Science Quarterly, a reader-support, Creative Commons licensed journal devoted to nonexpert experimentation and discovery. It's an extremely eclectic read, with a good mix of editorial, experimental writeups, polemics, practical HOWTOs and miscellania. I really enjoyed Andrew Hessel's op-ed on bioinformatics and fabrication, which explored the idea that cells can be thought of as bio-fabricators, 3D printers whose operating system we have yet to master. I was also engrossed by a brief "molecular gastronomy" HOWTO, a piece on culturing yeast, information on sourcing supplies for DIY bioscience, and a manifesto for involving patients' experiments and input in medical research. The copyediting and writing are a little uneven, but that just lends CSQ a nice, homespun feeling. All in all, this is an exciting new journal and a treat to read.

Citizen Science Quarterly


  1. I went over and checked their website. On my up-to-date Chrome browser, there was a little note at the bottom: “Boo hoo! Your browser is not standard compliant”

    Hoping the real site looked better, I went to IE to see what the site really looks like. No change. Let me tell you, anyone who builds a site that ugly has no business commenting on my browser choice!

  2. Looked interesting from the description here, paid for a download … no download link or email over an hour later, should be automated … not only ugly, but broken … let’s see if they respond to my comment to them at their site and here at BoingBoing

    Cory, did you check there site out before posting this?

  3. To everyone that visited the site in the past few hours, My apologies. Our caching program was displaying a broken version of the site(as seen from IE6). It’s fixed and I hope you will give the site and the design a second chance.

    Jacob, Editor of CSQ

  4. got the link to the download from Jacob, all is OK, looks like a very interesting magazine ..

  5. As far as I can see, there is no table of contents for the first volume. I’m happy to subscribe to a print journal, but I’d like some way of flipping through it before I hand over the cash.

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