GE's neat Tumblr

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General Electric has a Tumblr and they seem to be doing a fine job at it! Seen here:
A pulse-detonation actuator from our Energy & Propulsion lab. It produces high-pressure, pulsating supersonic jets, which help with airflow control in high-speed travel. Active airflow control reduces the drag, noise, and fuel consumption of an aircraft, making for smoother and more efficient flight.
The GE Show (Thanks, Ariel Waldman!)


    1. I echo the question: What is a Tumblr?

      Seriously. I’m admittedly naïve and not up-to-date with cutting-edge intartubes technology. But every Tumblr I’ve seen appears to be either a photo gallery or a blog.

      Can any gentle fellow Boinger shed some light on what substantially differentiates Tumblr from other online social/sharing modes?

    2. What’s a tumblr? It looks like a blog.

      Tumblr provides a very simple blogging platform which has, incidentally, made it the dernier cri in porn blogging. They also tend to be ultra-recursive with similar tumblr blogs all lifting the same things from each other, and the comments (or notes) are all the similar blogs announcing that they’ve reblogged the same item on their tumblr blogs. They make Twitter look positively Shakespearean, but they’re good for images.

  1. Pulse detonation engines are (potentially) awesome by the way. Lots of technical challenges, but GE is a great engine company so I wish them success.

  2. That pic looks like my crusty old stove that used to catch on fire all the time. :)

    Cool photos tho.

  3. looks like the damned broiler on my stove. yes, yes, fire shoots out the jets. great, awesome.

  4. “They make Twitter look positively Shakespearean”

    quote of the day :D Seriously, I lolled.

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