Penis prank at school seen in Google Earth

The principal of a Hamilton, New Zealand secondary school is upset that his fine academic institution is represented by this image in Google Earth. The penises were created in 2009 but the prank's global impact was delayed until someone noticed the image last weekend while looking at area properties. From NZ Herald:
Googlepennnn-1 It happened (in 2009) over a weekend but it wasn't until the grass died off bit by bit that phallic symbols started to pop up around the school grounds.

Every week another crude image revealed itself, much to the dismay of staff.

"There's not really much we could do about it," (acting principal Gerhard van Dyk said.)

"The caretaker took some more weedkiller and tried to camouflage it a bit."

Mr van Dyk never caught the culprits and the prank would no doubt have passed into schoolboy folklore had it not been captured by Google Maps.

The red-faced principal said he would be contacting Google to plead for the image's removal but an internet privacy specialist said it was difficult to get such satellite photographs changed or blurred.

"Penis prank captured on satellite image"


  1. Aliens! They were drawn by aliens! They can only be seen from space!!!! Proof!!!!!

    1. Beautiful! I see all 6, including one appearing to penetrate a pair of buttocks. Or boobs. Or something.

  2. Kids, what’s the matter with kids today. Absolutely nothing – because this is awesome. The exact kind of prank that will drive an adult in charge crazy but hurts no one. It’s not like vandalizing with graffiti/words, where an “innocent” can wonder/tell what it is, but instead, it’s the type of thing that only those in the know will spot. I don’t know why this brings me so much joy, but it does.

    1. “The exact kind of prank that will drive an adult in charge crazy but hurts no one.”

      Agreed. Some of the highest quality, super-primo win right there.

    1. I use it when cycle touring to satellite recon good potential stealth camping sites away from houses or roads.

  3. Sorry in advance for what follows; but I cannot help myself on this, now that I am not laughing so hard that paramedics may be needed.

    Only visible from an overhead shot.
    This is ridiculous.
    Someone needs to be penalized for this.

    “phallic symbols started to pop up” (heh-heh)
    “much to the dismay of staff” (heh-heh)

    Uber brilliance, I now have some faith in the future.


  4. In my day, it would have been a peace symbol.
    If kids today prefer a giant penis, I suppose that’s their perogative. But to quote the illiterate’s question to the guy with the advertising sandwich board, “What is the nature of your protest?”

  5. Just to be clear I use Google earth to find camping spots, not a giant penis burned into a school lawn. :p

  6. And now that the giant penises have been uncovered, the adults have the urge to play Hide The Penis. Perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. Surely the staff could work harder to root out these cocky sod whackers! These cranks are flying in the face of good folk everywhere, and they remain at large, glad-handing and fist-pumping, no doubt swollen with pride. It’s shameful.

  8. Is that as in “I’m going to go check out some penes?” I’m sure one could use that term in a mover clever illustration, but I’m just enjoying the purity.

    Genitalia is funny.

  9. jimh: Thanks for your penetrating analysis. It’s no wonder that this incident has aroused our indignation. We can only hope that one of the perpetrators will soon feel the prick of remorse and spill his conscience.

  10. “there are six penises on the grass outside the window. how do we determine the size a fig tree would have to be to grow leaves to cover them?”

  11. If they had been placed in a circular order, they would be known as cock circles. These are the more common observed crop cockles. Makes me long for a vacation to Cockhenge. Sorry for the excessive use of the word c@#%. It just sounded funnier than Penishenge.

  12. This happened a while back to Harman Geist football stadium in Hazleton PA – the Cougars play on a giant dick decorated field.

    It’s still visible on Google Maps (thank you google for that excellent shortened URL):

  13. There was a giant dead-grass dick on a hillside facing Auckland’s main highway a couple years ago. It was even drawn in the same style. Wonder if it was the same guys.

  14. It appears excessive to me to use weedkiller to erase the penises, since that will kill a lot of grass (living beings)that have a right to live. BTW many cultures in history and prehistory did not have problems with phallic depictions, maybe they glorify life and our “modern” culture glorifies death.

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