Problematic glass staircase in new courthouse

Franklin County, Ohio Judge Julie Lynch is advising people in dresses to avoid a staircase with glass risers in the middle of a new $105 million courthouse that opened Monday. From CNN:

She speculates that men, who didn't take half the population into account, designed the stairs.

Attorney Lori Johnson was startled by the transparent stairs. She worries not only about stares, but also how many cell phones have cameras attached.

"The next thing you know, you're on the internet," Johnson said, according to 10TV. "It sounds like a lawsuit in the making."

While security guards warn women about taking the stairs, it seems most are just hoping people will be mature about the situation.

"They hope people will be mature? That's not a solution," Lynch said to 10TV. "If we had mature people that didn't violate the law, we wouldn't have this building."

"Glass staircase not dress friendly"


  1. It’s not a “glass-bottomed” staircase. The treads are opaque; only the risers are transparent. This makes it no different from the ten zillion staircases without any risers at all.

    1. If you examine right side of the treads, it appears that they are transparent. It’s easiest to spot on the top tread, where the far wall shows through the stairs.

      Someone really needs to stage a kilted, regimental sit-in at this courthouse.

  2. Sheesh…..last time I checked we all came OUT of a vagina. So I think if we were all going to turn to stone from seeing a bunch of (mostly) panty-covered vaginas, or from having others see our vaginas we would all be dead already. Get over it people…it’s just a body part. Half the population has one.

    1. Speak for yourself. For those who were born via C-section, they get freaked out by photos of women’s bellies.

    2. It’s not about prudishness, it’s about freaks filming women without their knowledge and possibly against their wishes, and then putting that on the internet for all to see.

  3. Too bad. Morons designed a stupid staircase in a stupid new courthouse. Women have been warned. Everybody take the elevator. Good thing there’s nothing else going on in the world to worry about.

    1. Women have been warned. Everybody take the elevator.

      And hope it wasn’t designed by Willy Wonka’s contractor.

  4. “This makes it no different from the ten zillion staircases without any risers at all”.


    Xeni, really? Don’t they screen for perverts at the courthouse doors these days. I mean they’re so good at spotting terrorists. With that back-lighting, who’s going to see anything anyway? :)

  5. People who walk up glass staircases shouldn’t dress like Sharon Stone.

    Yes…I am sorry I did that.

  6. This seems to be a problem a few rolls of contact paper or a gallon of paint could solve in ten minutes.

    1. just sandblast ist, looks cool and be done.
      should be a one or two day job.

      maybe use some leds or laserdiods to inject light into the sandblasted glass looks especially cool!

    1. My thought exactly. Etching the glass would be more attractive than paint or “contact paper” type of applique.

  7. “If we had mature people that didn’t violate the law, we wouldn’t have this building.”

    Really I question the need for this thread. It was won in the post.

  8. As a cubicle drone, I can respect the desire for natural light to flood a space. If I were an architect, I would probably have the spread of natural light be a priority and this design seems to reflect that. So I doubt that the designer had upskirt photos on mind when these stairs came into being. And it stinks that there are people that will take advantage of the glass. I feel like I am in the era of dual staircases designed so that ladies ankles could be hidden from perverts.

    1. Anon .. the point that the designer “didn’t have upskirt photographs in mind” – that means the designer forgot about half the population. Or the percentage of the population who have skirts. That is a crappy designer – to not actually take into account the humans that are going to be in a space they design.

    2. @ Anon #14

      I feel like I am in the era of dual staircases designed so that ladies ankles could be hidden from perverts.

      Good thing we don’t live in Saudi Arabia.

      Imagine the architecture we’ll need when everyone has millimeter wave vision and augmented reality means being able hang real-time extrapolated nude overlays on everyone the perv looks at. Maybe that’s why everyone in Star Trek and comic books is dressed in spandex! They’ve simply given up.

  9. Notice how she links “being mature” and “not violating the law” as the same thing. It’s not enough to simply BE MATURE about things!

  10. You know, the more I look at it, the less I see how anyone could see much of an up-dress view on this stairway. The angles just don’t work.

  11. A similar thing happened when they built the WI state capitol building in Madison, they had put glass block tiles in the floors and over time ended up having to frost the glass because maintenance guys would gather under them in the lower levels of the building to try and sneak a peek.

    I think it would be more appropriate to warm women in skirts, rather than dresses, or you could just remind every guy who walks in that teh internet has plety of vaginaz for them to look at.

  12. Just because nobody can get a close-up of a cervix doesn’t mean that creating this giant hunk of creep-nip doesn’t make women feel justifiably uncomfortable.

  13. If the bottoms of those stairs really were made of glass the biggest problem wouldn’t be the dresses, it would be the slips.

  14. I’m sure that instead of implementing any of the easy remedies suggested above that Franklin County’s solution will be to post a belligerent armed guard 24-7 beside the stairs to accost anyone who’s angle of sight strays too high. Why? Because that’s just how we roll in duh-Merica these days.

  15. “Risers” is the word I was looking for. Thanks. Made the change.

    And yes, this is not much different from stairs with no risers at all. But it’s all about the context. It’s not often that you see stairs with no risers in the middle of a bustling open space where everyone walking through has a clear view from underneath the stars.

    1. well if they do put carpet on these stairs I guess we’ll know the answer to that age old question.

  16. My question is: Why is this such a big deal when the steps themselves are not clear or glass and see-through vertical spaces between steps have been around since the 70’s or maybe earlier. My Alma Mater had some buildings built in the 70’s with nothing but air between steps. Judge Julie is a Republican (and ranked among the lowest among judiciary in the county according to a poll of lawyers) who’s trying to present a conservative woman’s pseudo-feminist position of insisting on the right to dress in dresses-only while indirectly trying to cause a fake controversy in an effort to make the Democratic women majority on the county commission look as though they didn’t check the design work thoroughly.

    1. Judge Julie is a Republican (and ranked among the lowest among judiciary in the county according to a poll of lawyers) who’s trying to present a conservative woman’s pseudo-feminist position of insisting on the right to dress in dresses-only while indirectly trying to cause a fake controversy in an effort to make the Democratic women majority on the county commission look as though they didn’t check the design work thoroughly.

      Whoa. That’s a bit of a stretch, even for the Internet.

  17. Doesn’t the Apple Store at The Grove, in Los Angeles, have a glass stair well in the middle of the store connecting the 1st to 2nd floor? Think Different!

  18. I’ve seen these staircases before. I usually like to hide behind them with either the Fuel Rod Gun or the Plasma Pistol, because the other players don’t realize you can shoot through them (especially with a splash-damage weapon) and while you’re under there you’re pretty immune from sticky grenades (though I recall one glitch where a sticky grenade got caught between the steps and exploded when someone stepped on it, but that was back during the beta.) Anyway, the staircase in the picture is on the “Sword Base” map, near where you find one of the Data Pads in Campaign. It’s right below that bridge near the exit from the yellow elevator where that massive chokepoint shows up on the heatmaps.

    …Why do you people keep talking about “Halo: Reach”?

  19. Wow, that’s so American: put a guard to limit your freedom (or scare you about the stairs) instead of putting a guard looking for pervs.

  20. “She speculates that men, who didn’t take half the population into account, designed the stairs.”

    Oh wait, I see now. She’s insinuating that some lecherous conspiracy is afoot – masculine machinations perpetuated no doubt by man ape!

    May I offer some advice (if you can bring yourself to come to the terms with the fact that I have a cocknballs) :

    Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity.
    And good women out there, we men clutch to BOTH!

    1. No, I think she’s saying that the first thing that might pop into a woman’s mind was “eh… people will be afraid to get harassed by creeps who get a kick out of looking up their skirts” because it’s just that obvious.

      By the way, wearing panties doesn’t keep people from bothering you, putting pictures up of you online, or following you out to your car and raping you because you wore sexy panties *for them* which is the kind of crap women deal with in the back of their mind pretty much all the time.

      Want it to be different? Fight to make it a safer world for women instead of laughing at them.

      1. By the way, wearing panties doesn’t keep people from bothering you, putting pictures up of you online, or following you out to your car and raping you because you wore sexy panties

        I know. That’s why I’m against panties. Like pornography, all too often they lead to rape.

          1. I get that. But it still doesn’t work. Because my comment was explanatory in the sense of “what the person who said the quote was getting at” and her comment is tangential.

            The comment implies that the person designing the steps didn’t think very much about all of the people who might be using them.

            And yeah, the implication that women should “just wear panties” is a stupid one, which is what I was referring to.

            In fact, in an earlier post I recall some one talking about people liking to hide under peers or something to take pictures of underwear. I’m simply explaining the types of fear that women who are living in rape culture have.

            So her saying those fears are irrational, is beside the point. They’re there. They’re real fears, and we encourage them anyway by constantly telling women to keep themselves from getting raped.

            So yeah. I don’t care if it’s ironic. It’s still missing the point.


  21. Maybe instead of guards warning people about the staircase, they should just have a TV screen playing an endless loop of the part of “The Pee-Wee Herman Show” about Pee-Wee’s perverted little shoe mirrors.

    I miss Captain Carl.

  22. Although I do see how this would make women uncomfortable and that it might not have been the best of choices on the architect’s part, I cannot deny savoring the potential for irony.
    Just think of the copyright lawyers being forced to daily traverse those stairs. Awkwardly aware of how easy it would be to either carpet it or frost it.
    And then know that they cannot do so because the design is the intellectual property of the architect. Who will no doubt refuse to alter it as it would destroy the lighting on the floor below.
    Welcome to the world you created.

  23. This is perfectly in line with punishing adults w/o kids for eating donuts at playgrounds. Think of what might happen!

    But making an endless list of hilarious rules will not make the problem disappear. The alternative to regulations is not chaos.

    Where I come from, most architects are female, and we have a lot of open stairs. Maybe they are jeans people, who knows. The glass stair is beautiful. Enjoy the architecture, and if offended, use the lift.

  24. “enjoy the architecture” is not a sentence that makes much sense since architecture is not something you have to just watch but that you should live in. too often contemporary architects are not really thinking about people living in and they’re just aiming for looks. if there are structural or practical problems, even “good looking architecture” is worthless, it’s like a beautiful pair of shoes that is uncomfortable – it’s missing the point of its purpose.

    1. I quite agree; architecture must provide looks as well as a place for living. That was what I meant by “enjoying”. Objecting to see-through building materials is paving the way for niqab use.

      1. Objecting to see-through building materials is paving the way for niqab use.

        Funny, I would have said that men routinely dismissing women’s concerns is paving the way for niqab use.

    2. “too often contemporary architects are not really thinking about people living in and they’re just aiming for looks.”

      As evidenced by the plethora of fantastic looking strip malls on every street corner in America. You have absolutely no idea of what architects have to go through to get a building designed and built. It would melt your brain.

  25. Why not use some 3M privacy/blur stick on material to the bottom of the glass? Cheap and easy to apply….

  26. Oh dear, pathetic Judge Judy!!!
    last time I visited an apple store anywhere in the world it had a glass staircase.. They are in use ALL OVER the world! So why are they ONLY problematical in Ohio!? I think that this says more about Ohio than it does about glass staircases!!!

  27. You won’t be able to see anything with opaque treads, the angles are wrong. Well maybe if you stood directly under the stairs, craned your head up and a mini-skirt went by…..

  28. Wow! Did anyone else get a horribly sexist vibe from this article? Not only from the judge and attorney’s comments, but also the implied notion that women cannot be architects?!

  29. I agree with those who point out that the opaque stairs pretty much make this whole silly affair moot. I’m an amatuer pervert and I declare these stairs a non-attraction. Besides, see those people in the right of the photo? My bet is that they’re doing what 90% of other Americans do – taking the lift even if they’re only going up one floor. In addition, I lived in Franklin Co for 7 years. Have you seen most of those people?? I’ll take my voyeurism elsewhere, thank you.

  30. For reals?!! Women go to courthouses sans underwear? And men in courthouses really have nothing better to do than stand underneath staircases gawking upwards in the hopes of catching a peek?

    Good Lord, has the entire world forgotten that groins are made of the same stuff as elbows?

  31. If we had mature people that didn’t violate the law, we wouldn’t have this building.


  32. Some of the comments in this thread disgust me. Just because something is not a problem for YOU doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem for OTHERS.

    My local mall has stairs with no risers and it’s actually really easy to look up a woman’s skirt (and not necessarily even a short skirt). I discovered this by accident when I was waiting for someone and standing off to the side of (not even underneath) the stairs. I glanced up and saw way more than I wanted to.

    Most people commentating here seem to think it’s no big deal but to many people it is actually a big frickin’ deal if people can see up your skirt. So instead of ridiculing and insulting maybe you should try to see the other point of view and not just dismiss it simply because it either doesn’t affect or you couldn’t give a damn who looks at your bits.

    1. Tell you what. I’ll walk up those stairs (or any of the other riserless stairs you want) with you wearing just a kilt while you wear your preferred skirt (& underwear presumably). I’ll even let you chose the uplookers.

      The only thing is, you’ll have to spend an afternoon talking with my neighbor who fled her country of birth rather than be forced to wear a burqa.

      Oh, it’s different because I’m a guy? How so? A girlfriend of mine lives in a building surrounded by Gay bars & even though I’m not gay i’m comfortable waiting for her to come down in them. How exactly is it different for me to get propositioned or whistled at? — other than that I just brush it off rather than try to force blinders or burquas on everyone.

      When I was growing up feminists used to burn Bras. It was about freedom. Not anymore, visibly…

      1. I don’t think anyone in this thread is implying that women should wear burqas, or that men don’t mind if people see their underwear. It is a lot more common for women to wear skirts, and they should be able to do so without fear of having their privacy invaded by a poorly designed staircase. (As should kilt-wearing men.) So you think that feminism should be equated with allowing people to see our undergarments? You’re not seeing the difference between a woman who wants to have unfettered breasts and doesn’t care if people can see, and a woman who wants to wear a skirt and not have people see her underwear?

        And, yes, it is a little bit different because you’re a guy, because you are less likely to be sexually violated in our society.

        I believe that some of the commenters on the original article have pointed out that the difference between these stairs and the kind that just don’t have any risers at all is that these don’t have the same amount of overlap between one tread and the next, therefore letting people see underpants when women lift their leg enough to get to the next step.

  33. It wouldn’t have occurred to ME that this was a problem, and I’m a female lawyer who’s had a courtroom-oriented practice. I haven’t worn a skirt in years, and neither have many of my female colleagues. I did start practice in Ohio, though, and they did seem a bit retrogressive about dress there.

  34. Clearly (heh) the solution is for men to wear kilts, then lookers will have to take their chances with their eyeballs.

  35. The idea of “an attorney saying something sounds like a lawsuit in the making” is one of the clearest examples of a tautology that I’ve ever encountered. The only way that thought could be less intelligent or expressive is if the words got mixed up.

  36. So now we extend the domain of security guards to protect prudishness. To warn people about possible glimpses of leg or underwear due to architecture.

    “Ma’am, from a high angle, it may be possible to see down your shirt. Please avoid walking under the balcony.” “Miss, I’d like to warn you about the bright lights ahead. Your white blouse may become transparent in those lights.” Etc….etc.

    One solution would be setting up a series of architectural codes similar to the ADA, that would protect against the specific view angles needed for upskirts or downblouses in all of our buildings. Or mandatory burqas.

    (We should find better things to worry about.)

  37. Given that the photo the media took wasn’t taken from under the stairs, one suspects the story is trumped up. In this video you can see that the stairs are entirely opaque.

    Given a really short skirt and a really wide stride, maybe a peeper at a peculiar angle might be able to glimpse something, but I have my doubts. Adam, Jamie: get your skirts on, it’s time for the Mythbusters!

    As for not taking “half the population into account,” actually the percentage of the population that wears skirts or dresses is much smaller than half, and that which wears really short ones is smaller than that. And maybe the architects *did* take them into consideration and determined an up-skirt view would be impossible; did the media interview them as they should have? Doesn’t seem like it.

  38. dn’t gt t. Th str trds r pq. Hw s ths ny dffrnt thn bldngs wth strcss tht dn’t hv ny rsrs t ll? Nn-ss s nn-ss.


    Ths s n trg nd s ntrly th flt f MN wh wnt t sbjgt nd bjctfy wmyn.

    1. Yes, I’m a feminist and I think exactly like that. It’s all about how terrible men are and how much we hate them! We also burn bras at our many anti-men rallies. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

  39. Most people commentating here seem to think it’s no big deal but to many people it is actually a big frickin’ deal if people can see up your skirt. So instead of ridiculing and insulting maybe you should try to see the other point of view and not just dismiss it simply because it either doesn’t affect or you couldn’t give a damn who looks at your bits.

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  40. When I first read the story, I thought to myself, “forget upskirt shots, what kind of idiot designs see through steps! Its too easy to trip and fall!” But now I see its just the risers, and I have no idea how this is an issue at all.

    Stairs without risers and space for people to stand under them is very common. Spiral staircases almost never have risers, and you’re supposed to have another person standing below you. Whats next, parks removing the bleachers?

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    Ths jdg shld nvst n pr f slcks, r lrn hw t prt th lvtr f sh’s s cncrnd.

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  42. It is the Duty of a TRUE Architect to provide not just “buildings” but an entire comprehensive life style package.

    As such, the failing here is not that the architecture is sexist.

    The REAL failing is that upon entering the building, all persons are not forced to don fully transparent unitards that aesthetically match the architecture.

    (This will also aid in Courthouse security.)

  43. They have a guard at the bottom of the stairs stationed to advise women (and true Scotsmen, no doubt) to avoid the stairs? Uh, why not station him under the stairs to hassle anyone who looks in an inappropriate direction? You know, the guys (presumably) who might actually be committing an offence, as opposed to the women (and Scotsmen) who are just going about their daily business.

    It’s particularly ridonkulous when he advises women who are already half-way down the stairs about the transparency issue. They’ve already walked down the most easily observable part of the staircase as far as I can tell; are they in less “danger” by walking back up?

    At any rate, there’s only a limited angle at which anything would be visible, I would think, so why not put a white statue, or a glass one, in that space? Or block it off with janitorial “wet floor” signs as a temporary measure?

  44. I see this more as a classic design over function gaffe anyway. Tons of money spent on tacky poorly functioning buildings: what else is new?

  45. There’s a particularly steep escalator in a DC metro station that I once rode up wearing a knee-length, but kind of full skirt. I heard laughing and whooping, and turned around and found 3 boys and 1 girl below me with cell phones whipped out, taking pictures or filming. It doesn’t have to be a short skirt, it just has to be a full one, so let’s stop blaming the “mini-skirt wearers”. And, shockingly, it bothered me even though I was wearing underwear!

  46. It’s not unusual for architects to be focused on the building itself being beautiful, with concessions made for the various (and often seemingly contradictory) building safety codes that may need ot be accounted for, to totally forget something like this. But hey they sell this stick- on frosting stuff, which could fix this problem pretty quickly and cheaply.

    1. Yeah… huh. There’s stairs like this at The Overture Center in Madison, and I do feel a bit of vertigo when I ascend them.

  47. Now I suddenly want to drive downtown and check out the courthouse. I live in Columbus. LOLZ.

  48. On a side note, if the actual steps themselves are clear I’d probably not take them anyway. I have a problem with those grate-style stairs at theme parks. If you can see the earth below you, it kinda freaks me out. I’m not necessarily afraid of heights but I like for the structure to look and feel substantial enough to hold me.

  49. I would like to point out that as a courthouse, there are likely to be both male and female robed judges roaming about.

    Not to mention that lady justice herself wears a robe.

  50. She speculates that men, who didn’t take half the population into account, designed the stairs.

    …or maybe they did.

  51. What’s with all the straw men in here? The judge never accused the architects of intentionally trying to violate women’s privacy, she simply said women/skirt-wearers were not taken into account. As was pointed out above, it could have been a female architect who mostly wears pants.

    To me, it’s not so outrageously sexist that the problem was created, but the responses in here are pretty ugly. Mock women for expecting privacy & dignity, accuse them of not wearing panties, and expect them to change their behavior to compensate for other peoples lack of consideration and manners. Lovely.

    1. The only ones needing to change behaviour is the upskirt lookers. Just don´t blame it on the stairs, be they steep, transparant or otherwise revelatory.

  52. There are stairs at my design school like this. Every time I’m wearing a dress I forget until I’m mostly up the stairs. But then it’s worth a laugh, because they were made by an unthoughtful designer

  53. This is all bad science, there needs to be several studies costing several hundred thousand dollars each to determine the angles of viewing from various spots on the ground and the various positions of people on the stairs, figuring in the various lengths of dresses. Or you know, not let people linger under the stairs, that would fix it. I’ve worn kilts more than most women i’ve known to wear skirts, and this is a silly issue.

  54. Or rather, if we didn’t have draconian marijuana laws, we wouldn’t need nine-tenths of that building.

  55. I’m also alarmed at the fact that the architects seemed to be under the impression that heating and air conditioning buildings costs no money when they designed the thing.

  56. Hmmm…

    I should probably preface by saying that I am a woman, and own many skirts and dresses. I even wear some of them occasionally.

    Anyway, I’ve walked up stairs like this but never thought one thing about them. The building the stairs were in was primarily a lab facility, where skirts would be prohibited anyway (which I’ve always thought is sort of dumb from a safety standpoint, since many dresses would protect just as well as slacks under a lab coat).

    Here’s the thing, just occurred to me– is it really a right to have opaque floors? Maybe its sort of a requirement of 21st century vertical living that we may just have to give up our ability to wear nice, ventilating skirts in order to remain “modest”. Maybe it is the skirt that is impractical, and not the stairs?

    Thinking further into the future… What the hell are we gonna do once we get to space?

  57. I take issue with her implication that immaturity is the root cause of crime, because clearly it isn’t. CEO’s and juveniles alike steal.

  58. I don’t get this story. There are THOUSANDS if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of staircases and escalators that you can see up a skirt if you are at the right angle. Balconies. Too

    I think pretty much every staircase I’ve ever seen at a Motel 6 or a Best Western is made of platforms with spaces between them. Something like this

    And if you were in a skirt standing on the balcony I’m sure you could see up a skirt there too. There are escalators with glass handrails and pretty much the stair case in any home from designer
    to plain normal

    What makes this staircase news worthy vs all those others?

  59. You can always just say “I don’t give a shit and women are dumb if they are’t ok with this”

    after all.

  60. Cluelessness about other people, and expecting them to just deal with it since it doesn’t bother you = empathy fail.

    That’s all. It’s not really a big deal since most people have trouble empathizing with others anyway.

    Example: A couple days ago I was walking out of the office with a coworker. It was windy. I was wearing a skirt. My skirt did *not* blow up, but I guess my coworker just noticed for the first time that wind and a skirt work that way and said “wow, some times when you walk outside in a skirt do you worry it will blow up? Does that actually happen?”

    I have no idea whether he meant this sincerely or not (seems obvious to me that it would happen, but then you know how some times one says something kind of dense without thinking too hard about it). Strangely, he seemed genuinely surprised that indeed every time I walk around in a skirt instead of pants I try to walk in such a way as to keep any wind from blowing my skirt up and that this is not just an occasional thing but an integral part of wearing a skirt.

    You might ask “why wear a skirt at all?”

    Well, because honestly women around where I live and work who wear pants all the time face discrimination in a subtle but very obvious way.

    This person wasn’t being a jerk at all. But not being able to see all the little compromises in order just to live and work that a person who isn’t “the norm” has to go through is really just lack of effort in developing some empathy. Asking (as he did) is actually better than assuming.

    Let’s be realistic, they’re not going to change the staircase and this is just like one of many that women will have to decide how to deal with or get around because they can’t just be left alone to walk up and down a staircase without having to decide whether or not they are willing to take that oh so significant action that other people apparently get to take for granted (and that they should have accounted for by dressing in pants).

  61. Bah… unless you meant *really* ironic in which case all I can say is:

    ugh… you hipsters and your irony. Get off my lawn!!!!

  62. there is a transparent bridge on the top floor of the sfmoma.
    can people see up the stuff if standing under the bridge?

  63. Ugh… I was afraid that would double post.

    A’ight. Goodnight. I’m clearly up too late.

  64. I just wish CNN would have sent a few models up the stairs in various black skirts and neon cheerleader undies to save the internet a lot of time debating the actual visibility of the situation.

  65. What gets me is that the wifi in the building supposedly isn’t working yet. Enough money to wallpaper the old courthouse ten times over and you can’t get the building to work right, look right, act right….

    and @ Drabula: What’s the escape velocity for Columbus? I’ve been driving around and around the Outer Belt for years and I keep getting sucked back in….

  66. I think everyone needs to take a really close look at the photo again. Particularly the top the top three steps through which one can clearly see bits of the building behind them. The stairs are nearly completely transparent AND there are no riders between them.

    (And I totally agree with Varekai on the Burqa/Niqab nonsense. The issue people have with the stairs is not that innocent eyes might be corrupted and filled with lust by seeing scantily clad women but that women who don’t wish to show others particular parts of their body may have their privacy violated.)

    1. The stairs are nearly completely transparent AND there are no riders between them.

      That’s a reflection. You can see in the video that the stairs are opaque.

  67. I think the judge was looking for 15 minutes of fame and certainly got it. If the judges there are elected this is cheap campaign publicity. If appointed by elected officials, same situation.

  68. What idiotic pervert would stand in the middle of a courthouse and try to get an upskirt peep? This is simply not possible. If you think it is, visit your county courthouse sometime. The list time I went for jury duty, no cell phones, cameras, or recording devices were allowed. It’s not possible to loiter away from the gaze of a watchful deputy. Suspicious behavior will draw the attention of the deputies. Meanwhile, the state reserves the right to record you and all your actions while in said courthouse. It’s about the dumbest place to attempt a crime one can think of.

    The judge needs to get real. I hope I never end up as a litigant in front of her.

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