Flamethrowing trombone

Scott made this flamethrowing trombone because he could and hell why wouldn't he? The video advises: don't try this at home, go to a friend's house." Sound.

This is a working playing flamethrower trombone that has fire on demand. It is made up from plumbing, torch, and compressed air parts. It took about two weeks and a couple of weekends to complete. It has a 21 foot range with the fireball, and a concussion wave of 150 feet. It can be difficult to play since it has a recoil.
FRANKENHORN Flamethrower Trombone (aka Scott 's Flamebone) (via Make)


  1. what does the marching band think about it? aren’t the trombones usually marching towards the back…

  2. It’s…so…beautiful!

    Oh, man. Now it simply has to be done. There’s no way around it. Destiny calls. I won’t die happy until I’ve seen it. Well need 75 more.

  3. Incidentally, if these sorts of things had been in circulation during the Civil War it would’ve sucked a little less to be the bugle boy, though I imagine a flamethrower wouldn’t work quite as well attacked to a fife or drum. On the other hand, considering the proclivity of 19th century muskets to backfire, they might be a bit safer. Musket balls aren’t incendiary, so they probably wouldn’t ignite the tanks if someone in the enemy line actually managed to hit it. Hmmm…I’m envisioning a uptick in the audience numbers for reenactments by the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

  4. So many ways to win a Darwin Award, so few propane tanks.

    There’s even a horror movie in this: Revenge of the Band Nerds?

  5. It would be hard to play on the trombone in its original time signature, but slow it down and it may go viral:

    Or punch record it with a virtual instrument and, uh…fire-synch to it :)

  6. Now all we need is a Santa Claus Costume and we’re pretty much ready to re-enact most of the more recent Doctor Who Christmas specials.

  7. Fellas, I love it but it’s “hear”, not “here”. You can “hear” it two blocks away.

  8. With all due respect (and as a trombonist) I don’t find this super impressive. The flame trigger is completely separate from the instrument, which means it’s not a “flame-throwing trombone” so much as a flame thrower just attached to a trombone.

    Give me something more like the flaming tuba: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd_gvR06j6s

  9. Did the in-video text really say “you can here it…” or did I not have my coffee this morning?

  10. Hey guys! If you liked that:

    Fire tuba!

    This was at Burning Man 2008. I didn’t take this video.


  11. Could just as easily have been a clip of a guy running down the street with his head on fire. Points for total absence of safety gear!

    headfirstonly FTW!!!

  12. As a Band Mom and a lover of the absurdities created by Band Geeks, I must say that this rocks! Now, someone show me a Flame Throwing Tuba.

  13. Good news, Pinky! Stage one of our weaponized marching band is complete. Soon we’ll be ready to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

  14. Around 1993, when I was a sophomore in high school, I had an AP programming class with a group of clever guys. The school district hadn’t planned on an AP programming class, so we were basically left in a lab by ourselves to sink or swim. Hilarity ensued. Aside from unilaterally deciding the class should be held in a lab with better computers that would run Doom, we dreamed up some unauthorized pyrotechnics for the marching band’s halftime show.

    Inside the bell of a Sousaphone, we taped a 35mm film canister with an overly generous charge of theatrical flash powder. Speaker wire ran from an electric match inside the canister to a blue box with a push button and a 9v battery. The wires were covered with decorative duct tape (our school colors were black and silver, so it worked).

    On the night of the show, the Sousaphone player waited until the big finish and pressed the button. The blast made the crowd dive and a miraculous smoke ring rolled toward the grandstand. The band director, who narrated the shows, swore over an open mike. After we left the field, the Sousaphone player disappeared, escorted away by several teachers and a township police officer. He was suspended. I still feel guilty about it, but not much.

    1. Nice. I wouldn’t feel at all guilty though – I’ll bet the Sousaphone player wouldn’t give up the story for the world. Suspensions fade; epic pranks get better with every telling.

  15. It’s things like this that a) give me hope for the future of humanity and b) make me love the Intertubes even more.

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