3D printed zoetrope

Sam sez, "I was the lead designer for the show Archer on FX and left it in pursuit of doing some of my own projects and one of those is helping with the teaching of animation. So where I am at there seems to be a lot of confusion on how animation works, I have decided to make an interactive zoetrope with little 3d sculptures that should help the people around here learn a little about the mechanics, or nuts and bolts of animation. Cory's posts on Boing Boing have inspired me down the road of 3D printing exploration which has really been great for this project. I call it tactile animation, being able to take 2D ideas and bring them into 3D actuality it will help students of animation learn the concepts and principles of animation in a way that is not so abstract. When I am totally finished with the project I will have plans on the site so people can make their own."

3D printed Zoetrope UPDATE (Thanks, Sam!)