Rave On Buddy Holly: tribute album streaming now

Soundcloud has a streaming preview of Rave On Buddy Holly, a forthcoming Buddy Holly tribute album featuring Modest Mouse, the Black Keys, Fiona Apple, Kid Rock, Lou Reed, Paul McCartney and many others. I'm really enjoying this!
In his short-lived but extraordinary life, Buddy Holly left behind a body of work so enthralling, his enduring influence is nearly impossible to overstate. The melodic joy and fierce independent streak at the core of his artistry is profoundly felt on Rave On Buddy Holly, a 19-song collection of indelible Holly covers by a rich assemblage of current musical visionaries and creative kindred spirits. Fantasy/Concord will release Rave On Buddy Holly June 28th, 2011.
Rave On Buddy Holly (via MeFi)


  1. I’ve streamed this more than a dozen times since Monday. Everything’s awesome except for poor, poor Paul McCartney. Why he felt the need to ad lib such odd spoken lines I do not understand. For the world’s biggest Buddy Holly fan he sure doesn’t seem to “get it” (“it” being Holly’s simple, emotional lyrics).

    Kudos to the rest of the artists.

    1. The other tribute is called “Listen To Me” and here’s what it says on the Alive And Well movie website:

      From the “Buddy Holly Is Alive And Well” movie blog:

      “The sci-fi comedy motion picture BUDDY HOLLY IS ALIVE AND WELL ON GANYMEDE is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Songmasters to create a soundtrack for the film. Soon to release its star-studded album, Listen to Me: Buddy Holly, Songmasters is uniquely positioned to work with us. Their own upcoming album includes authentic and inspired performances of Buddy Holly’s legendary music performed by some of rock n’ roll’s most recognized artists – all executive produced by the legendary musician, producer and Holly aficionado, Peter Asher. Songmasters has recorded tracks with Jackson Browne, Cobra Starship, The Fray, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, Jeff Lynne, Imelda May, Natalie Merchant, Pat Monahan of Train, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Patrick Stump, Brian Wilson and more. The album will be released around Labor Day.

      Since Songmasters has committed to support music industry charities such as the Grammy Foundation, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Artists’ House through Listen to Me: Buddy Holly, their mission matches beautifully with our own commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds from this film to the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation. Together, we hope to ensure that Buddy Holly’s music truly is Alive and Well for generations to come.”

  2. Lovely, but do go back and listen to the original Buddy Holly recordings, too. He was extraordinary.

    1. Lovely, but do go back and listen to the original Buddy Holly recordings, too. He was extraordinary.

      Unfortunately, those who seek out the original recordings will most likely encounter some truly horrendous overdubbed versions that have flooded the market. These contain background vocals that sound like a barbershop quartet. MCA never authorized these releases, but they are everywhere; most of them are not labeled as such.

    1. It’ll be released on the 28th so, no MP3s until then. But you might also want to go to the NPR.org music page as they have it streaming there (a website unlikely to be blocked at work).

  3. Buddy Holly was awesome. Definitely one of those things that makes you go “What if?”

    Fun Fact- they got their band name, “and the Crickets” from a pesky cricket on a demo recording. (IIRC)

  4. I enjoyed it, but it just made me want to go back and listen to the originals… which I listen to all the time anyway :)

    He really was extraordinary in his writing (which does come through in cover versions) but also in his performances. I don’t think we’ll ever hear a Buddy Holly cover version that comes anywhere close to the power of his original recordings, even – perhaps especially – for his most simple songs.

  5. Don’t forget… Sir Paul (MPL Communications) owns the copyrights to the entire Buddy Holly catalog of songs.

  6. If you ever have a chance to see Billy McQuigan do his “Rave On” show, take it! He sounds just like Buddy Holly, does all of the songs, and has been performing them much longer than Buddy Holly did! He also has shows for the Beatles songs “Yesterday and Today” and another show called “Rock Legends” where he does requests for songs and does an incredible job.

  7. Clearly Maisel’s image has a lot of value or Waxy wouldn’t have used it w/o permission, so he should have to pay for its use. Anyone who’s that aware and conscientiousness about the sampled artists’ rights should have the same respect for the photographer’s rights.

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