Versatile "Magic Carpet" is a sleep mat, lounger and cocoon

Alexander Munk's "Magic Carpet" is a clever and versatile piece of furniture that goes from sleepmat to lounger to cocoon with the assistance of straps threaded through the forks running down its edges. It doesn't appear that this is a shipping product, but it's fun to look at.

Sasan / Magic Carpet

(via CribCandy)


  1. If it had hinged end flaps it could turn into a triangular-cross section coffin, for that final, eternal rest.

  2. bottom left looks pretty uncomfortable. It looks like he’s holding himself in mid-air with his weight on the back of his knees.

  3. Looks neither comfortable nor attractive and I cannot imagine any possible purpose for the cocoon — too dangerous for little kids with those X straps on the end and what adult feels the need to sleep in something that looks like a refrigerator box? The lounger would only be even minimally comfortable to people of exactly a certain height. And even as a sleep mat, how comfortable could that thin padding be? Epic fail, to my mind.

    1. >>>what adult feels the need to sleep in something that looks like a refrigerator box?<<< Yo! Sounds like fun!

      1. Looks like something useful for the homeless, if they could waterproof it. It beats sleeping on pavement.

  4. Hypothetically it’s a nice idea but I don’t want one in my home. The mat configuration is the only one that looks comfortable. I reckon creative folks have to go through a lot of ideas that work hypothetically but not in real life to get to ones that do work for real, so I still consider this worth trying, at least as a prototype.

  5. Thank the Gods. I have so many inverted trapezoidal 2-sided mat-cocoons in which to fetally lay. Now I can replace them all with something that also doubles as esoteric, boringly-shaped mat-furniture.

  6. These should be distributed to kindergartens and preschools everywhere. Three kids could fit on one of those crosswise for nap time, and if you flip over that “cocoon” you’d have the beginnings of a pretty decent fort. It seems like most kids are born engineers and architects.

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