Diecast toy car photos


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I have several buckets of these at Mom’s house. How do I locate a buyer?

  2. nehoccramcire says:

    Cliff Gardiner and John Keller have got some real good’ns up on their site, more in the scuffed American vein, Ford Mustang…bang!, mini-Batmobiles and such-like wonderful things: http://klphandjohnstudio.com/Site_2/toycars.html

  3. inkfumes says:

    I love this, for awhile i have wanted to take pictures of my matchbox and hotwheel sandbox survivors with a nice macro lens. I love cars, toy or otherwise… that show perfect patina like this.

  4. Mujokan says:

    It’s wabi but it’s not sabi.

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