Darth Hairdryer

Tembolat Gugkaev's concept design for "Darth Hairdryer" got the nod from the hairdryer-using half of my household. Speaking for me, though, I'd only get one if it played the Darth Vader March using its engine while you blow-dried your hair.

Darth Hairdryer (via DVICE)


  1. I can see the commercial now …

    “Gee! Why is my hair so flat and oily?”

    *breathe* “Rebel scum.” *breathe*

  2. this thing needs motion sensors that make the hairdryer emit TIE Fighter sounds when you move it around your head.

  3. I’d love it if, when turned on, it made the *hohhhhh* Darth Vader inhale sound, followed by a loud Vader exhale when you pushed the button. *HHHHHHHHHHHH*

    1. BLOOOOOOOOW! But as we all know was only the first person inside the Vader suit, before he was replaced by someone with a similar back-story but much cooler.

  4. If it played the imperial march then it would have to be done through some awesome lo-fi method like airflow modification or fan-speed modification….. that would be five colours of awesome!

  5. I picked it up in the store, and immediately I thought “The force is strong in this one.”

    And sure enough, it does have plenty of force when you turn it on.

  6. I think the handle should be like a lightsaber handlegrip. And no matter what style you want your hair to be, you end up having your hair curled up into doughnut pleats round your ears like Princess Leia. :)

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