Floor 13, the classic game of British crisis and cover-up

floor-13_4.gif Today seems a good day to remind the world of David Eastman and Shahid Ahmad's Floor 13, one of my favorite games of the 16-bit era. In it, you play the head of the British government's secret crisis management squad. If a standard spindoctor scores a 1 and In The Loop's Malcolm Tucker a 3, you are dialed to 11: fake news stories blend seamlessly into blackmail, warrantless wiretaps and people whose deaths, though unexplained, are not treated as suspicious. As secret government agency-em-ups go, it's unique and uniquely over-the-top (the conspiracies start out realistic but eventually go Dan Brownesque) and a great way to kill half an hour. Though long out of print, you can find it and its manual easily online. It plays well in DOSBox on Windows and Boxer on OSX. Chop chop!


  1. Oh wow, never thought I’d run into anyone else who played this. I got the box version of this in the bargain bin ages ago and played the heck out of it. Not many around like it!

  2. Wow, you have rather owned this story, Rob. Nice work.

    Adding a few options to the box at upper right would work: 3. Hamfistedly dump computer in trash. 4. Piss your boots whilst being grilled in Parliament. 5. Sob in the dock before being hauled of to gaol.

  3. …a great way to kill half an hour.

    Half an hour? That’ll just get you thrown out your office window…

  4. Granted, the theme of the game fits with the current news, but “classic”? Even the reviews at the *time* (1992) thought Floor 13 wasn’t very good: 50/100 from Amiga Format, 29/100 from Power Play and 22/100 from Amiga Joker. And that was for the Amiga version, which was better than the DOS version.

    1. A) Most 1980s/1990s video game mags were sleazy, illiterate trash.

      B) The ones that weren’t gave it very good reviews: http://amr.abime.net/review_550

      But it was very strange in 1991, even in an era where ‘ostentatiously serious, grown up games for Dad’ were something of a genre.

  5. Nice to see this.

    So, do you want a remake? Probably wouldn’t get better reviews though..

  6. Very happy that David’s classic has been mentioned here. I’m given far too much credit. David was the genius behind the game, I just did the tech and music.

    I’ve been telling David we should remake this for the last decade – and more recently for a touch device. Can someone other than me please twist his arm?

    I thought the reviews were unduly harsh. The game was doing something creative and different and I’m sure a remake would be better still. David also did the innovative Conflict (the Middle East Political Simulator.) And I’m still in games.

    Happy 21st Birthday to Floor 13!

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