Dunkin Donuts prostitute sting

A 29-year-old woman working at a Dunkin' Donuts in Rockaway Township, New Jersey has been busted for prostitution from behind the counter. According to the AP, the police investigation was codenamed "Extra Sugar." The investigation required that an officer spend a lot of time outside the donut shop. Perhaps even more time than usual. From the Daily Record:
 Wp-Content Uploads 2011 08 Wp-Content Uploads 2011 08 V Vspfiles Photos Hp8275-2-1-1 “I had gotten an anonymous tip,” Detective Sgt. Kyle Schwarzmann, who led the investigation. “She was a night time employee (working 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.), supposedly a very good one.’’

Schwarzmann began gathering information and doing surveillance at the scene. He noticed on multiple evenings that she would go out to cars to see customers and would spend 10 or 15 minutes there, he said.

“Sometimes I 'd even see money changing hands,’’ Schwarzmann said, adding that sometimes the cars would stay in the parking lot and other times they would drive to another nearby location.

"Cops: Dunkin' Donuts worker sold sex on breaks"

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