Americans still being killed by racial segregation


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  1. xenphilos says:

    :/ The actual paper the researchers released is behind a paywall.

  2. Jim Bean says:

    Hey, I got an idea… let’s abstract an already abstracted mathematics discipline and see what kind of conjecture we can conjure

  3. Teller says:

    The article linked mentions racial segregation, though not what races. And when it mentions it, the causes of death sound more like economic segregation, or, poverty. Probably the actual paper is more clear about this. Or I missed something.

  4. robjmiller says:

    That’s about 7% of all deaths in the US. Something tells me they are casting too wide a net.

  5. Shawn RIchardson says:

    If this is the same study I heard about recently, the idea is that racial minorities tend to remain in the segregated and poorer neighborhoods even after they have achieved a high level of income. This leaves them subjected to the environmental harms associated with poorer neighborhoods. Whites on the other hand more readily move to more affluent neighborhoods even when their income is lower thus avoiding the environmental impacts. Or something like that.

    • Teller says:

      Yeah, racially segregated is one thing. Poorer neighborhoods is another. Like in SF, Chinatown is is probably a racially segregated neighborhood, but it’s not what I’d call poorer. And Baldwin Hills in LA is primarily African-American, but it’s by no means impoverished. Like I said, the link is fuzzy about this so I appreciate your explanation.

  6. Beaulen says:

    La-la-la-la-la-la, nothing racial going on here.

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