Japanese tsunami and the birth of icebergs


5 Responses to “Japanese tsunami and the birth of icebergs”

  1. KBert says:

    I point to earthquakes, and I point to icebergs, that is all.

  2. RJ says:

    To summarize: if the planet jiggles like a fat girl on a trampoline, icebergs can get shaken loose. Join us next week, when we draw a tentative link between baby-shaking in previous decades and current supporters of the Tea Party.

    Cynicism aside, that is a pretty cool story about the icebergs. It’s just another way to illustrate the nearly unimaginable force exerted during a tectonic shift.

  3. jphilby says:

    Not much a surprise to anyone who’s grown up in a region with lots of lake ice … used to seeing the effect of waves on ice sheets in the spring.

  4. Pend-O-Matic says:

     Best eathquake graphic ever. usually they use radiating circles- which have, always, infuriated me at their lack of articulation. “here’s where they started… THEN THEY WENT OUT n’ AWAY for’a spell. “

  5. nosehat says:

    Um, what?

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