10 anagrams of "Google Motorola Mobility"

Mobile Morality? GOOG Loot.
Olé, gloomy Litigator! Boom!
Loom, imitator! Lo, Be Googly.
Obligatory: oil Moto golem.
A gloomy imbroglio, Tootle.
Go to moral limbo, etiology.
Lo, google Immortality. Boo!
A motlier gigolo lobotomy.
Room to obligate gloomily.
Google moor loot, imitably.


  1. Federal Highway Administration Head Victor M. Mendez suggests that a motlier gigolo lobotomy could be linked to a sharp increase in damaged manholes across the country. When asked what the hell he was talking about, Mr. Mendez sneezed a cloud of pure cocaine, under cover of which he made his escape.

    (with apologies to Victor M. Mendez)

  2. Okay, you asked for it:

    I gloomily bootleg Mao rot
    I go to a Gillmore lobotomy
    Oil! Oil! Lobotomy mortgage
    I, too, gargle lobotomy limo
    I obey Mom. Go, tortilla logo!
    I root Google by Lolita, Mom!

    And the list goes on.

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