Elizabeth McGrath watercolor show in NYC

 11Mcgrath2 Images 20 Eyes Elizabeth McGrath, best known for her delightfully creepy and strange faux taxidermy beasties, has a small show of exquisite watercolors opening this week at Sloan Fine Art in New York City. Seen here is "20 Eyes" (watercolor, 22" x 15"). The art is also viewable online. Elizabeth McGrath's 'With Tomorrow's Scream"


  1. Beautiful work, but that tail belongs to a male, not a female. Humans, especially Western culture types, have this weird idea that bright plumage is the province of the female, when in nature it’s the male who gets the gaudy feathers.

    1. http://www.lesliensinvisibles.org/streetview/http://www.lesliensinvisibles.org/geopoemaps/http://www.lesliensinvisibles.org/shapes/http://www.lesliensinvisibles.org/manifesto/



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