Survival Research Laboratories in Los Angeles, 10/1


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  1. James B says:

    Mark Pauline has always been something of an inspiration to me, and a reminder of how dangerous DIY machinery can be.  I tend towards making more practical and controlled equipment (sawmills, propane forges, kilns, trailers), but still try to  give things a little menacing artistic flare when I can work it in. 

  2. wilbur twinhorse says:

    don”t remember the oil crisis of ’79, but driving across the country during the arab oil embargo was a memorable trip!  that would be several years earlier i think.  mark pauline has definitely paid for his art in terms of a mangled arm and psyche.  he’s getting lots of respect from people who weren’t there at the time and live in a completely different society.

  3. Mitch_M says:

    I grew up during the oil embargo and I can’t figure out what happened to the 70 MPG cars people were going to be driving by the year 2000.

    I was fine with this idea until I got to the phrase “art dust”.

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