Cory coming to Toronto, Ann Arbor, Brooklyn and NYC


8 Responses to “Cory coming to Toronto, Ann Arbor, Brooklyn and NYC”

  1. sockdoll says:

    Oh… Brooklyn AND New York City.

    No respect I tell ya.

  2. Skooter Skotte says:

    Woah! Brooklyn and NYC? Brooklyn is NYC.

  3. Andy III says:

    You haven’t truly heard ‘Walled Garden’ until you’ve heard it live!

  4. Gavin Peters says:

    While you’re in Brooklyn or NYC, consider stopping by New York State.

  5. Drabula says:

    I’m flying into Ann Arbor (well, Detroit if you want to get technical) on the 15th from London. Seriously doubt the timing will work though. Drat. Will give it a shot though. Sounds good.

  6. Doh, I have to work Sunday for the Brooklyn event! and I don’t feel like paying 3k for the conference, even to see Corey. Here’s to switching shifts.

  7. schadenfreudisch says:

    and which toronto?  toronto, ohio or toronto, indiana?

  8. Bilal Ghalib says:

    Awesome! Welcome to Ann Arbor! Too bad I’ll probably be seeing you in NYC! I’ll let my friends know!

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