Song-a-day man commemorates 1,000th song with album, video


5 Responses to “Song-a-day man commemorates 1,000th song with album, video”

  1. millie fink says:

    I like it! 

    Haunting song, entrancing video. 


    I guess after writing 1000 songs, this guy’s got the hang of it.

  2. Jay Converse says:

    Very good song, and he’s getting close to excellent.  Not for the 1,000 songs, but the 10,000 hours.  A rough calculation it’s 1,000 songs x 8 hours/song = 8,000 hours, so around song 1,250 he’s going to hit the mainstream charts.

  3. Bottle Imp says:

    So far, this is one of my favorite songs by him. I admire his willingness to continue putting out songs, unfazed by the fear that someone won’t like his work. I’ve always been hesitant to expose my artistic endeavors, even to close friends. The hard part for him is to write a song that is as inspiring as his willingness to fall flat on his face doing what he wants to do.

  4. flappy says:

    I admire that he doesn’t have to work for a living!
    …or is it sleep?

  5. Minion says:

    He only has 9000 subscribers. He still has to work.

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