ATM skimmer gang invested proceeds in 3D printer to make better ATM skimmers


10 Responses to “ATM skimmer gang invested proceeds in 3D printer to make better ATM skimmers”

  1. Restless says:

    Missouri City!  Awesome, right down the road from here.  Now if only I had his address and a baseball bat to apply some Texas Justice.

    I need to show this to my wife so she understands why every device I put my card into gets inspected, prodded and tugged to make sure it’s actually a part of the ATM/pump/reader and not something stuck on to it.

  2. codesuidae says:

    Excellent. Proliferation of better criminals with better techniques is necessary if we expect banks to ever dump this 1970s technology that our credit/debit card system uses.

  3. The $8.14 could have come from debit transactions, or if they’re really stupid, online purchases shipped to their home address.

    Missouri City is about a 45 min drive from where I live. I’m going to follow Restless’ advice and tug on the card reader every time I use an ATM.

  4. peterblue11 says:

    cory time to take ur makers book off the shelves, otherwise u ll be the guilty one when the first kid shoots up a school with a home printed AK.

  5. kmoser says:

    You’d figure there would be a way to use public key encryption to communicate between the card and the ATM, preventing an intermediate device (the skimmer) from reading the data.

    • Restless says:

      You’d also think that if the camera was disabled or blinded the ATM could use simple scene analysis software to realize this and put the ATM into an out-of-order state.

  6. theclar says:

    Maybe ATMs should show a picture of what the card slot is supposed to look like?

  7. bklynchris says:

    Cops always say criminals are criminals because they are stupid (you know, rather than productive members of society).  But here, I digress.  

    Am I naive in thinking I am safe when I use bank chain based ATMs with flashing light faces?

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